You need to register as a vendor to add product. For details please click here.

  1. Click on the ‘Add Product’ tab below ‘Vendor’s dashboard’ 1
  2. Fill in the name of your product, its short description and a featured image.2
  3. Add Featured Image:3
  4. If your product is:
  5. Downloadable product (e.g. Downloadable Book or Notes) : Select both “virtual” and “downloadable” buttons as shown below:4
  6. Online Product (e.g. online course): Select only “virtual”(don’t select downloadable) as shown below:5
  7. Tangible Product (i.e. you provide physical delivery of the product): Don’t select any of them (Virtual and Downloadable) as shown below.6
  8. Quote the regular and sale price. In case you are not offering a discount, both prices remain same. If you are offering your product free, enter price as Rs 0 rather than blank.
  9. Go to ‘Attributes’ tab, select attribute type of your product and add details. It will help users to find your product easily.
  10. Click on ‘Add Product’ tab.
  11. Your added product is now live.
  12. To edit product , go to the ‘Products’ menu. You can edit, duplicate, remove or view your product easily.

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