1. Article Submission Procedure
    Step a) Pick a topic from the respective guideline. Make sure, no one else picked it.
    Step b) Send the details to [email protected] so your topic will be marked reserved.
    Step c) If it’s a comparison article. Create a skeleton of your article by going through sample articles. Try to bring in your own creativity and get it reviewed. Don’t start writing right away.
    Step d) Once your article is completed. Double check with all the guidelines.
    Step e) Send your article for review. (Also refer “We take guidelines seriously” tab)
    Step f) Signup and complete your profile.
    Step g) Once your article is approved over email, upload your article in the site at https://edugorilla.com/publish-article.
    Step h) Our team will approve your submission.

2. Time required for Article Submission:

It completely depends on your writing style. However, we have following mid 80% range:

  • Guest Post: N/A
  • Course Article: 1 to 2 days
  • Comparison Article: 5-7 days

Though we are open for any duration, to maintain the quality of our articles, we prescribe you to adhere to the mid 80% range.

      2. Monetary Transaction:

All the payments are based on following guidelines

2.a: Only articles that are published and approved are eligible for monetary transactions. If your article is not approved for whatsoever reason, you are not eligible for any monetary transaction.

2.b: Send your account details to [email protected] It must have Account Holder’s name, Account number, IFSC Code, Branch Name and Bank Name

2.c: It must comply with all the points mentioned in the respective guidelines page.

2.d: To decrease operational overhead, payment is done once in a month. If you have published more than 10 articles in a month, you are eligible for bi-monthly payments.

2.e: Only articles published in the reserved categories are eligible for monetary gain.

3. Copyrights:

        a: All the articles that are created during your tenure at EduGorilla are the exclusive property of the website. You don’t have any rights over any article publish on the website.

4. We take Guidelines seriously:

We take our guidelines compliance we seriously. Before submission of your article, double check for each point. If we feel that you repeatedly miss the points, please note that EduGorilla reserves the right to cancel your tenure anytime without any prior notice.

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