Comparison articles are not general articles; at EduGorilla, one out of every ten is chosen.

Here are a few guidelines that you can follow for comparison articles:

  1. It must comply with the guidelines mentioned at
  2. It should start with “Top 7/8/9 etc Companies/Institutes/etc in xxxxx”
  3. Don’t rush into writing the article; research for a minimum of 5 days to gain matter on the given subject before writing about it.
  4. We have a huge database of articles. Go through them and add references throughout your article.
  5. Often you might have to call the companies for information. You can call 88888 88888 (Just Dial) and enquire for such companies. In most cases, you will get a call back automatically.
  6. Touch upon all the important points related to your subject in your article.
  7. Your one mistake might end up in affecting someone’s business. So please ensure that stats published are from a trusted source. Strictly avoid anything from non-trusted source.
  8. Include at least 2 Graphs from the data you collect.
  9. To increase readability include as many images as possible. A minimum of 4 images is recommended in any article. If you are unable to find them, adding logos of the companies can be the last resort.
  10. Have a concluding/verdict paragraph.
  11. You can ask for comments in the last line to increase participation for your article. A clause in the end such as “Did I miss any company? Let me know in comments below” should pave the way.


We are inviting Authors to write on following topics:

  1. Top 10 scholarships to study abroad. – If they are bifurcated based on Degree. Cover only GMAT and GRE and as separate topics.
  2. Comparison of Softwares provided for School Management (e.g., CymaticLabs etc.)
  3. Top career alternatives of MBA
  4. Top job portals
  5. Have any other suggestion email? Let us know at [email protected]


In Pipeline

  1. Top mind exercise and speed reading websites (e.g. Lumosity, EyeQ) (picked by Aanchal)
  2. Top coaching for CA (pending publish – Ashita)
  3. Top coaching for Bank PO and Clerks Exam (picked by Ashita)
  4. Top coaching for MBBS (picked by Ashita – pending for review)

All Published Articles:

General Structure

  1. Introduction
  2. Your basis of ranking and score
  3. Detailed analysis (see below)
  4. Include 2-3 concluding graphs
  5. Mention how you collected data
  6. Verdict
  7. Call for feedback

Sample detailed analysis (point 3 above):

Article 1: Top 6 internship websites

  1. Company Name
  2. Company Logo
  3. Brief Description
  4. Company Website
  5. Statistics (total students, companies and monthly visitors)
  6. Stipend
  7. Branded companies registered
  8. Region in which the company is most active
  9. Categories
  10. Key features
  11. X-Factor- International
  12. Customer Service
  13. Social Reach (Facebook likes, Twitter Followers etc)
  14. Rating of the website out of 10.
  15. When above details were last updated


Article 2: Top 8 countries to Study Abroad

  1. Demographics
  2. Weather
  3. Official Website/Wikipedia page
  4. Percentage of Indians students traveling to this country every year
  5. The ratio of abroad students to Indian students among them. Top Universities in the country
  6. Number of Universities of the country in top 200 Universities of the world. E.g. You can say 16 Universities in Canada are in top 200.
  7. Job Prospects
  8. Income per capita, Happiness Index etc
  9. At what stage of life, which country is more open to accept you. e.g. It’s easy to go to the USA for study but tough to get a job directly over there or in Australia, if you have 4-5 years of exp, they will easily issue PR.
  10. How open they are for emigrants
  11. Ease of getting VISA
  12. Top 3 preferred fields by Indian students and which country is good in which field
  13. Average expenditure for undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  14. Touch upon scholarships. Or state’s policy to fund education e.g. Germany and Australia are really nice in that.
  15. Accommodation facilities for students Can they earn to support their education?

Reference Articles:

  4. For more articles visit -> Compare


Explore, Collaborate and Exceed 🙂

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