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The MBBS course is regarded as a gateway to the coveted career in medicine, which is among the lucrative careers today. Every year lakhs of students appear for the exam. But only a few are able to qualify the test based on their level of preparation. The rest are forced to devote another year of preparation or deviate from their chosen career choice.

For its population running into crores, India has thousands of medical colleges. Thus those who qualify NEET (medical) entrance face the dilemma of which college to join. For a given rank, a student may qualify for multiple medical colleges. Though each college may provide the same MBBS course, they differ in infrastructure, quality of faculty and course curriculum.  For example; an XYZ college may have good infrastructure but poor faculty. Another college may have good faculty yet outdated course curriculum. Hence one must exercise caution while choosing colleges. Thus while zeroing in on a particular college; students generally rely on public perception. But perception may not be reliable source and may suffer from bias.

To resolve the students’ doubts, some educational websites and magazines have started ranking medical colleges according to different criteria. Infrastructure, faculty, course curriculum are some of the parameters that these educational websites and magazines consider while assigning ranking to these colleges. These rankings may differ from source to source. Again, a student may face the dilemma of which source to trust. To resolve such doubts of students, the EduGorilla team has consolidated the rankings from various sources and brings you this article on ‘Latest cumulative Ranking of Medical Colleges of India’. We hope that this article will help you to choose the best college. EduGorilla does not take responsibility for the errors that may have occurred in the process.

Please note: Colleges marked with 999 are not ranked by the rank publisher.

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