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How the Latest Ed-Tech Innovations would Personalize Learning

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how the latest edtech innovations would personalize learning


The technology for education has been quiet helpful in solving different problems in hand especially  related to processing the information in school registers like testing, compliance and student data. Certain products have been undoubtedly helpful in helping kids to learn and study better like Byju’s the learning app as they have revolutionized e-learning with technology unheard before, highly qualified tutors and an edu app that makes study on the go possible anywhere and anytime.


Most of us would have had some great teacher inspiring us to do the best in our student lives. This would mean they had recognized the areas where we used to struggle by understanding the root cause and finding the reasons behind them and fix them in whatever way possible and show us the solutions to encounter challenges in future.


Byju’s have been heard to provide watch and learn video lessons designed and perfected by the best faculty across the country who are mostly alumnus of prestigious institute’s like the IIT’s, NIT’s and IIM’s. The CBSE syllabus being one of the best curriculum’s in the country has been given due importance by the faculties at Byju’s by ensuring complete and thorough study for the students using the application.


Students would be able to access their classes as per their convenience. This is what precisely the tutors at Byju’s would do when it comes to teaching complicated subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology. The adaptive learning technology employed by them is one of a kind in its genre. The animated video lessons are tailored in such a way that it would capture the attention of even a layperson who knows about the subject.


Until recent times, it was quite expensive to consider providing one laptop per child for students around the country. Most computers were used on sharing basis whether in a classroom or computer lab. This deterred the possibility of personalized teaching for individual student to a considerable extent.


Everything however has changed as the introduction of low cost tablet devices with internet connectivity available at a lower price has made the dream come true for almost every student being able to afford both of them. Byju’s the learning app makes it possible by the tablet courses with features like CBSE Sample Papers. The tutors have been heard to provide personalized attention to each student by identifying their strength and weaknesses and thereby helping them to overcome the challenges faced in different subjects.


There are different benefits on having a edu app at your disposal as students would be able to read different texts, listen to or view lectures, look for information on the subject on the internet, do the planning on how to study and also to share ideas with fellow students and tutors from their comfort at home and at their own pace. Most schools have begun providing a tablet for every student for individual educational use.


In addition to the tablet courses, there are a plenty of online courses available across the internet for different subjects, NCERT books on various subjects like particle to Metaphysics. Most of these courses are meant for professional who wants to add more skill sets in their field of knowledge. There are yet some curses mainly intended to help college goers and school students that help them to improve their academic performances. This new way of coaching is often called as blended classes where the subject contents are delivered online and the role of a tutor gets upgraded into that of a coach with more focus on individual student like never before.


Most people have a wrong notion that the market for education is alike the institution based technology market which is purely wrong. There was a speculation that online way of providing courses would bring the collapse of conventional educational institutions and all these turned out to be just hype that disappeared in the course of time. Everyone has realized that online courses would not hamper the growth of traditional schools but has done well to amplify their growth. The advancement of technology would be helpful in improving the teaching quality in manifold ways the advantages of them would be discovered in the due course of time.

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Suman Bisht, started her career in 2011 since then she has written blogs, articles, hub pages, product descriptions, tag lines and much more. Currently she is working with Byju’s as a Senior Content Writer.

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Nov 29, 2016

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