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Life of an Engineer: All Surprising Ups and Down

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Life of an Engineer

Many people are excited to pursue engineering. They work hard, minimize their sleep and study vigorously with a dream of pursuing engineering from top colleges. There is generally a misconception that once admission in the good college is done the life becomes easy. But, the life of an engineer is completely different.

Interaction Between Students:


Initially, when they appear in JEE Mains and admission procedure is completed. Hostels are allotted to them, where they interact to of all the candidates. That interaction leads to start the life of an Engineer.

There are candidates from every corner of India, some even from abroad to pursue engineering.

The students get to know each other and become habituated with each other. There is also fear of ragging from the seniors, though now it is completely abolished in most of the campuses.

Students are Loaded with Assignments:

From the first day of the class itself, students are loaded with assignments and extra works. There is a compulsion of 75% attendance in almost all the colleges, so missing the class in not a good option. Likewise, waking till late night to solve the assignments is another load. Similarly, there is mid-semester and Engineering exam that seem to appear frequently in short intervals.

It is in college that many of the students get diverted from their course while many of them cannot follow-up with the workload. Many students are seen failing in the examination leading them to semester or year back. This leads them to wrong habits such as drinking, smoking etc., while in the worst scenario some even seem to get in depression.

Engineer live a Cherished Life:

But, even after such loads, the engineer live a cherished life. They learn to manage different things such as class assignments, their personal work, extra-curricular activities, etc. Having a huge friend circle and the work division in themselves is very common. They party together, walk late night together and help each other throughout the four years of tough engineering journey.

During engineering, one also matures himself/herself. This is done with the help of mainly seniors, friends and some professors. There are lots of events organised in a college and students actively participate, organise and handle all the responsibilities to make the event a grand success. Similarly, they interact with the alumni and other people and broaden the approach towards the better future.

The one problem that is with all the engineering institutes is the mess food. The quality of the food is very poor with many students not going to the mess. The students are often seen complaining about it, but no such action is taken place. The major place for eating comes from canteens or nearby outlets that serve as a boon. There is weekly or monthly system set-up by several students.

Life of an Engineer:

Ups and downs are very common in an engineers life, but they cherish their college life to the fullest. Even today, if asked to any engineers regarding return to the college, they seem to eagerly accept the offer.

The four years of revolutionising life train them to face all the future problems. Being an engineer has already made them toughened to face issues and used suitable means to tackle them.

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By Akshay Patni

Akshay Patni is an SEO Consultant at more than 50+ Platforms globally. Apart from it, he helps New Entrepreneurs and Blo...more

Akshay Patni is an SEO Consultant at more than 50+ Platforms globally. Apart from it, he helps New Entrepreneurs and Bloggers to achieve what they want less

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