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life in non-traditional courses

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Non-traditional courses is used to define courses that typically operate differently than on-campus courses or courses like fashion designing, hospitality, architecture, photography, etc. For example, nontraditional courses may have students meet electronically rather than face to face. They may also meet on weekends instead of weekdays. Non-traditional courses can also be non-credit courses or certificate courses offered by a college or university that are aimed at students who are not seeking a bachelors, masters or doctoral degree.

There’s sometimes a point in career planning when people are discouraged from following their dreams because their career choice does not fit in with traditional gender roles. Men are discouraged from careers in nursing, social work, and teaching while women are discouraged from careers in technology, science, and security. Men who are interested in “feminine” jobs are teased about their sexuality and women who are interested in “male” jobs are questioned as to whether they have the brains or stamina to perform.

Given all these issues, it’s imperative in career planning that people — regardless of their gender — are allowed to follow their dreams and utilize their interests and skills. Career planning should not be about gender stereotyping.

And the good news is that research shows that men and women are increasingly moving into — and succeeding in — non-traditional careers. Still, there are quite a few careers for both men and women that can be listed as non-traditional. Non-traditional careers are ones those in which fewer than 25 percent of the workforce is of one gender.

Probably the biggest con is the lack of enough mentors in non-traditional careers. Mentors, people in higher positions within your career field, are critical to your success as they can guide you, protect you, and help you along in your career. Amazingly, another con is the potential to have little or no support from family and friends who may question your motives for entering a more challenging career — or who simply don’t understand the pressures and problems you face in a non-traditional career.

Student in non-traditional courses are more creative and are mostly those who follow their dreams no matter what. Life of non-traditional students during exam is more like performing for their existence in that particular career. If these students do not find a good mentor their career is at stake. People like Mr M.S.Dhoni, Mr Sachin Tendulkar are born with a talent. What if they never followed their dreams? These famous personality have struggled a lot.

Therefore non-traditional students grow really fast if provided with support and platform though there life is really struggling and challenging. The more you explore, the more you grow.

“You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough”

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