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How does your life at your institute shape for what lies ahead

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interript anxiety with gratitude

The Builder Of My Ship Of Life

There is always one certain thing or a person that shapes you into a better person and then you are seeing life with a new outlook, you wake up every morning with a purpose and determination to make it through the day. You are proud of who you are and have faith in yourself.”

For some it might be their parents, for some their friends and for some their siblings, as for me it was ICA, kankurgachi. Little did I know stepping into ICA as a shy and introvert girl who would rather keep her thoughts to herself would transform into a girl who know to voice her thoughts in front of others without any hesitation. Anmol Jaiswal was a girl who was reserved, didn’t have many friends and limited thoughts to herself. Today she voice her thoughts, have strong thoughtful opinion, and couple of true friends who have been with her through thick and thin. she is no longer an introvert.

ICA has given me a ship to sail sea of life. He taught me to raise words and not voice because it rains that grows flowers and not thunder. ICA has given me the most precious and priceless gift of my life that is going to be with me lifelong is ‘SPEECH’. It is because of that gift that I am writing this article today. I hold the institute responsible for the monthly mock interview, speak out bowled out competition and debates that i won. I duly bound to it for whoever I am today! It has given me ‘self-confidence’ that would undoubtedly prove as my shield in the battles of life that lie ahead of me.

It also has given me role models—Mr. Soumik Mojumdar and Miss. Devayanee Das, my faculties. They had a major role in shaping me. They have taught me many lessons of both life and text books. They always said, “FAILURE is the first step towards success, if you are ready to learn something good from it.”

Devayanee mam has taught me to treat God as my driver and determination as my steering wheel and never to get afraid of speed-breakers such as family and friends’ pressure, always stay strong and motivated to reach the your goal of success.

Whereas, soumik sir has taught me to never say “I can’t” rather to say “I didn’t know or I don’t want to.

They has prepared me for the hurdles ahead by teaching me that I shouldn’t limit myself to any is only because of them that I am neither afraid of sailing  in the sea of life, nor of whales and sharks await in the journey. They taught me virtues of tolerance, determination, leadership to walk with my fellow men to the path of success and not dictatorship to make others follow you. They taught me the meaning of ‘self-realisation’and ‘self-confidence’. Which will help me to fight back whenever I will think of giving up. Their lessons are going to be with me till my last breath.

Someone once rightly said that ‘leadership’ is the key to success.

“One day words wouldn’t be able to express the gratitude you have for someone; one day you would find yourself infinitely indebted to someone; and that someone would be the person who built your ship ready to conquer the vast sea of life!”


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