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List of Some of the Best CA Books for the Final Year Examination

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CA Books for the Final Year You Can’t Do Without

CA Final students are always in some dilemma about the best books available. Even though there is an abundance of study materials, PM, and RTP available, it might not be sufficient to attempt CA Final exams and come out successfully.

We have collated a list of the best books of CA Final year study materials which might help you in your preparation. All these books are easily available in the market. It’s up to you if you want to buy them as a hard copy or buy the PDF copies online. Each and every book listed here is one of the best books for self-study. These books can also be used to refer during your preparation for CA Final examinations. These are recommended by prominent teachers and CA Final toppers.

CA Books for Final Paper – 1: Financial Reporting (Account)

1) MP Vijay Kumar:

MP Vijay Kumar is a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA), Associate Cost & Management Accountant (ACMA), and Fellow Company Secretary (FCS). You can buy his Accounting and AS Books written by him and published by Snow White Publications Pvt. Ltd for the coming examination of CA Final.


2) G Sekar and B Saravana Prasath:

A Student Guide is released by PAdhuka for every term on Financial Reporting, these are written by CA G Sekar & CA B Saravana Prasath for CA Final examinations. This is the choice of many students as the entire syllabus is covered in this book and it also includes questions of previous CA Final exams.


3) D.S. Rawat:

Accounting Standards (AS) books by DS Rawat are one of the most preferred books for CA Final students. You can order the AS book written by D.S. Rawat for CA/CMA Final examinations.

CA Final Paper-2: Strategic Financial Management (SFM)

1) V Pattabhi Ram and SD Bala:

Strategic Financial Management is one of the most popular books for preparation of CA Final Course examination. This book is a collaboration by V Pattabhi Ram and S D Bala.



Preparing for the 2nd Paper of CA Final course, you should get the latest edition of Strategic Financial Management book written by A.N. Sridhar. This book contains solutions of question papers of CA Final and a detailed analysis of questions asked in previous exams. It explains the concept and builds an exam oriented approach while covering the entire syllabus of CA Final Course.


3) Ashish Kalra:

You may also opt for Strategic Financial Management book from Pocket Revisionary Book by Ashish Kalra (Set of 4 Modules) for CA Final examinations.

CA Final Paper-3: Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics (AAPE)

1) Pankaj Garg:

For the preparation of auditing theory paper of CA Final course, this book written by CA Pankaj Garg would be one of the best choices. It consists of more than 800 Questions and Case Studies with hints for self- practice.

2) Surbhi Bansal:

Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics book for CA Final authored by Surbhi Bansal is the most preferred reference book by students. It comprises of the entire syllabus of CA Final course in a summary form which makes it great for revision.


3) Vikas Oswal:

Simplified Approach to Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics book authored by Vikash Oswal is also is also a good choice for CA Final Course examination.

CA Final Paper-4: Corporate and Allied Laws (CAL)

1) Munish Bhandari:

Munish’s book is the best book for Corporate and Allied Law which is suitable for self-study as a Handbook. It contains lots of questions asked in CA Final examinations along with their solutions.

2) A.K.S. Krishnan:

This book is a quickly understandable material on Corporate and Allied Laws for CA final course written by CA A.K.S. Krishnan. It has recently become popular for preparation of CA Final exams.

3) Vijay Raja:

CA Vijay Raja’s book for corporate and allied law is a student friendly material and can also be used as a reference for CA Final exam preparation.

CA Final Paper-5: Advanced Management Accounting (AMA)

1) B Saravana Prasath:

A ready reference on Advanced Management Accounting is one of the best choices for CA Final students for preparation of Costing Paper.

2) Sanjay Aggarwal:

Advanced Management Accounting Problems & Solutions (AMA) published by Pooja Law Publishing’s is also a good book for CA Final Exam by CA. Sanjay Aggarwal.

3) P C Tulsian:

You may also refer to Tulsian’s Advanced Management Accounting textbook for AMA in CA Final Course examination.

CA Final Paper-6: Information Systems Control and Audit (ISCA)

1) Dinesh Madan:

The book of ISCA (Information Systems Control & Audit) by Dinesh Madan is the most preferred book for preparation of CA Final examinations.

2) Sudeep Mangla:

This book is a good one as a Self-study Handbook also known as Secret to Crack ISCA by Sudeep Mangla for CA Final.

3) Manish Valecha:

Another Self-study guide and a memory based edition on ISCA by Manish Valecha can be reached out for quick references.

CA Final Paper-  7: Direct Tax (DT) Laws:

1) Vinod Gupta:

VG Learning Destination Pvt. Ltd. Publishes has released several books written by CA Vinod Gupta for preparation of Direct Taxes Modules for CA Final.

  • Direct Tax Question Book for CA Final.
  • Direct Tax Summary Module for CA Final.
  • Vinod Gupta’s Direct Tax Amendments by Finance Act.

2) Dr. Vinod K. Singhania & Dr. Kapil Singhania:

One of the best books for CA Final Direct Tax book is a combined writing of Dr. Vinod K. Singhania & Dr. Kapil Singhania. It covers entire syllabus of and additionally has bare Act language which helps you to analyze the entire Taxation Act.

3) T.N. Manoharan:

CA TN Manoharan and CA G R Hari has written student’s handbook on taxation which has great depth in Direct Tax Laws. This tax book includes chapter wise summary of key points which is best for quick revision for CA Final examination.

CA Final Paper-8: Indirect Tax (IDT) Laws

1) Vandana Bangar and Yogendra Bangar:

The comprehensive Guide to Indirect Tax Laws – A Quick Reference Cum Compiler by Vandana Bangar and Yogendra Bangar for CA Final Course students is a good option for IDT Laws.

2) Uttam Prakash Agarwal and CA Mahesh Gour:

Recently, CA Uttam Prakash Agarwal and CA Mahesh Gour have written a book named Explaining Indirect Tax Laws – Central Excise Law, Customs Law and Service Tax (Set of 3 Volumes) for CA Final students.

This book presents all possible Memory Techniques so that the contents can be well absorbed and retained by the Students of CA final year. Special features of the book include 400+ solved problems and CYP 300+ cases for practice. It includes landmark judgments and previous question papers for the past 30 years along with the latest Finance Act.

3) V.S Datey:

Indirect Taxes – Law and Practice written by V.S Datey, contains lots of problems along with solutions which might help CA Final students Examination preparation.

If you are aware of some other books for CA Final Examination please suggest them in the comments so that it will be helpful for other students. If you are looking for any other books then visit the complete CA online book store portal that helps you to find the best CA books for Final examinations.

All the best for your CA examinations!!!

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