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Loving lap of mother nature

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mother nature

Living in the lap of Mother Nature is surely a mesmerizing experience! I am certain that you might have had at least one such experience. If not, be sure to visit my grandparents’ rural area.

During the summer vacation, my parents and I decided to visit our village and my grandparents. Words fail to express the amount of inner ecstasy and fascination my village gave me on seeing for the first time. I noticed a tantalizing difference between the hustle and bustle, and tension of city life and living in the prodigy sceneries of the village

As soon and we reached the village, the essence of colourful roses, the scent of ripeness of mangoes and lavenders dotting the scene with their fragrance , all provided a welcoming feast to our eyes. In a nearby pond, white water lilies added their redolence to the already perfumed air around us.

         OUR BACKYARD  

When we finally entered our grandparents’ house, we were amused to see such variety of flowers in our backyard. All ranging to a diversity of various tints, hues, shades, shapes and sizes.

After a bit of fun ,we got ourselves ready for a tour of the village’s natural wonders. To start of with , we went to a cliff . Seeing the gigantic mountains tear the clouds apart was just a magnificent sight to behold!

Soon, it was sunset time and we decided to stay there the rest of the day watching hordes of monkeys racing down deep ,deep valleys; sparkling white waterfalls; the orange explosion of the sky (sunset)and a lot more. Such are the wonders of nature, that we cannot just help being attracted towards them!

Gradually the sun sank behind the victorious mountains , who seemed to be dancing in joy to the tuneful melody of the waterfall with the winds and lush green trees playing the background music; as they had finally succeeded against the huge ball of fire and had obtained control over it(the sky)until dawn. The white clouds which had appeared in the sky with hues of russet, copper and orange ; then shades of grey and purple ,blended with the glow as evening gave way to twilight and twilight to darkness.



We finally headed back home sucking juicy red orange mangoes we had plucked ;with a whiff of flowers emitting their wonderous perfumey fragrance. The mangoes were so scrumptious and mouth-watering that I craved for more until the next morning when I finally got to have two mangoes of the biggest size available. I savoured and relished them so much that I got another half of the mango my grandma was having.

We also happened to meet two foxes, a snake, flocks of sheep and goats, herds of cattle and of course, thousands of chattering monkeys during our stay in the village.

I left the village and my grandparents reluctantly,as I was having the time of my life with them and never wanted to go back to the heavy schedule and busy routine of the city. I left only after being promised that I would be brought back here again in the lap of my grandparents, my village and of course mother nature! It was a truly fantabulous experience living in the lap of mother nature – one can  never miss!!!!!


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