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Major Challenges Faced by Students in Academic Research

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For a knowledge-driven growth based on innovation, research remains an integral part of the academic life. It has a huge bearing on the quality of learning in the classrooms and the subsequent benefits society and the world as a whole stand to receive. Research is quite a challenging undertaking that entails acquiring a deep understanding of the subject, careful planning and considerable hard work.

Thanks to the initiative by countless scholars, teachers and alumni in shedding more light on the common research challenges faced by academic students, we now have a better understanding of how to tackle them effectively. Read on to learn more:

1. Having Their Hands Full

A student has a lot going on in his/her life on a daily basis. From courses, literature surveys, seminars to research and even teaching can sap all energy out of the most hard working and enthusiastic students. The solution lies in planning ahead of time. Experts suggest a daily ‘to do list’ can be very helpful but one can go even better with an appointment planning guide.

2. Not Knowing Where to Begin 

There’s always a likelihood of procrastination when commencing any intensive, research-based activity. While some may work with a nudge others will need to create a sense of urgency to get things underway. It’s crucial to find the method that works best for you as every individual is unique and responds differently to different methods.

3. Forgetting The Guidelines

Every institution has its own set of rules and guidelines, which are set by its faculties with due care to the industry trends. Since these guidelines are clearly mentioned, academic students are expected to follow them properly. Failure to do so can be seen as a fatal error and may get one’s research proposal rejected altogether. Before starting research, it’s a good practice to thoroughly read the guidelines and make notes on the most critical components.

4. Lack of Communication With Advisor

It’s a rarity to find university professors unoccupied, not engaged in helping one or the other student who might need their help. This can be a concern, in particular for students in their first year of a research project. If you aren’t able to get enough guidance from your advisor, it’s crucial you arrange a private meeting with them and explain the current situation.

By paying due care to advisor’s busy schedule, look to plan weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings to discuss your research progress. If an advisor is physically absent, then consider contacting them using Skype or email, which really offer a face-to-face experience.

5. Failing to Keep The Deadline 

Many students find it challenging to complete their research before the deadline ends. This can be problematic since a project is deemed ineligible if submitted after the deadline and that is despite how well it is written. It’s candidates responsibility to comply with the stated timeline. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming a deadline is only a rough estimate. Be proactive and always seek your advisor’s counsel whenever in doubt.

Ideally, always take the deadline into account before you start your research work. If you sense you’re struggling to meet the delivery date, reach out to the teaching staff and request for an extension. There’s no guarantee that the college or an institute would definitely grant an extension but it’s always best to make your situation known to make things easier going forward.

6. Vagueness & Lack of Clarity 

A good research is marked by how well it describes a given problem and the plausibility of the solution it proposes. Research questions and hypotheses play a vital role in attaining such an outcome. Moreover, one needs to be careful of the language they use in the proposal. A disproportionate amount of jargons, colloquials and lengthy sentences leave the reader confused and uncertain about the message.

Vagueness in a proposal is also frowned upon by teachers. A research paper with not many questions or failure to answer those questions implies lack of knowledge in the subject. The solution to this challenge lies in understanding the subject in full-depth. Answer to complex questions should be sought from experts or other counselors in the field.


These are the most notable challenges a student is likely to confront in his/her academic research. With timely guidance and help from academic research tutors, many of these challenges can be successfully dealt with.

If you’re someone who’s been tasked with an academic research but are struggling to find adequate amount of counselling, then it’s worth exploring some of the online student-tutor marketplaces. One of the popular platforms, Studydraft is known for its vast network of subject matter experts who can help students in a variety of subjects, including writing, hypothesis, and full scale academic research.

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