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Is MBA better than PGDM? A Comparative Analysis

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Get to know all the minute difference between MBA and PGDM in the article

PGDM or MBA: Which one is better?

Let us understand the meaning of the two terms. The full form of MBA is Master of Business Administration. And the full form of PGDM is Post Graduate Diploma in Management.

Details of MBA in brief:

MBA is a professional degree offered by institutes that have an affiliation with Universities. The bodies which provide accreditation for MBA courses give a lot of emphasis on ensuring that the education provided is of high quality and maintains consistency.

Different business schools may offer different types of MBA programs like the executive course, part-time course or full-time MBA course. Many colleges also offer distance education MBA courses where the students can pursue their education remotely without attending the college. This option is beneficial for students who are working and simultaneously want to pursue their post-graduation.

Details of PGDM in brief:

A PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a program offered by colleges or institutes that have recognition from autonomous bodies like Council for Technical education. These institutes have no affiliation with any university. Many students get confused with the fact that the course of PGDM is just a diploma and not a degree. It is true to some extent as the course is offered by an institute which is autonomous in nature and does not have a direct connection with any university. However, any institute has to take the approval of Ministry of Human Resource Development before offering this diploma.

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What Should I choose? MBA or PGDM

Brief Comparison of MBA with PGDM:

Options available for most students after completing their graduation are either to pursue MBA or courses like PGDM. MBA is a degree course that is conferred on completion of the two-year management program. However, a PGDM is a diploma course of around two years.

The MBA course, in general,l concentrates on the theoretical aspects of management. Whereas a PGDM course is more likely to focus on soft skills. The orientation basis of MBA is an exam and that of PGDM is Industry. If we compare the two courses in terms of cost, then MBA seems to be less expensive than PGDM. In case of MBA, the examination is monitored and controlled by the university. Whereas in PGDM it is controlled by the institute offering it.

Curriculum wise MBA is rigid when compared to PGDM as the curriculum of PGDM is more flexible.

Many students fear that PGDM offers lesser value than MBA and thus they do not like to go for it. As we move forward, we will have a better understanding of this issue. Consequently, we’ll break the myths and help the students to make an informed decision on this topic.

Let’s have a little in-depth view on MBA:

MBA or Master of Business Administration is the name of the degree that speaks for itself. It is a program that is offered by many premier institutes of the country. It is a two-year degree course. This degree course is offered only by the colleges that have recognition from universities which are allowed to offer this program. A common curriculum is followed by all these universities.

The degree of MBA is recognized internationally and is designed in such a manner that it helps to develop the skills that are required for making careers in business and management. The importance and value of this degree are not only limited to the corporate business sector, but also this degree plays a vital role in the life of students who want to pursue their career at managerial level in government organization, private industry, public sector and related areas.

The core subjects of MBA include subjects like marketing, finance, accounting, economics and other related subjects.

Now let’s have a little in-depth view on PGDM:

A PGDM is a diploma course offered by colleges or institutes that are autonomous. However, in countries like India, these institutes are offered accreditation by the Association of Indian Universities which makes PGDM equivalent to the MBA degree. A student gets to learn industry oriented skills and programs when he opts for a PGDM course. The institute offering this course is autonomous in nature. Therefore it can change its curriculum based on the changes occurring in the business environment and the industry. It is a two-year course and helps you prepare for a senior position in a reputed company.

In case of PGDM, the institute has obtained an autonomous stature and so it can design its own curriculum instead of following the footprints of the outdated university syllabus. The main reason for doing this is because the institutes want to keep themselves and their students updated with the latest industry standards and impart the knowledge that is more relevant from industry’s point of view rather than the theoretical point of view. Therefore, you can opine that PGDM programs are more industry relevant than MBA programs.

There are some institutes which also offer one year PGDM course. Obviously, it won’t be equal to an MBA program of 2 years.

Main Differences between MBA and PGDM:

Cost Effectiveness

It is considered that MBA is usually cheaper when compared to PGDM as the course fee has to match with the University standards. Thus, it makes MBA a more affordable option as compared to PGDM.

The Reputation of Institutes Offering the Program

In a developing country especially like India, only those institutes offer MBA degree which have an affiliation with a University. However, the Indian Institute of Management although having an unmatched reputation, they cannot offer MBA programs. This is because they are autonomous and are not affiliated with any university. They are definitely eligible to offer the PGDM course. This course is also approved by the respective regulatory bodies.

Main Differences between MBA and PGDM

Flexibility in the Curriculum

Since the institutes offering PGDM are autonomous, they don’t require to follow the standards of the university. And they can change their syllabus as per the latest industry standards which give students of PGDM more industry exposure. In MBA, this is not the case. Since the institutes providing the MBA course are affiliated with a university, therefore, changing the curriculum is a slow process and has to be approved by the university.

Focus of the Curriculum

You may notice that there are a lot of similarities in the syllabus of PGDM and MBA but indeed there are some differences as well. The main focus of the curriculum of the MBA is on theoretical aspects of management and is more of exams oriented in nature. However, the curriculum of PGDM focuses on building soft skills and practical knowledge. PGDM is comparatively industry oriented, preparing the student for the market.

Now the real question is which one to choose MBA OR PGDM?

This question arises in every student’s mind when he first thinks of pursuing his post-graduate degree. In order to make a proper decision, the student should first determine whether he or she wants to pursue higher studies or wants to work.

If the student is clear that he wants to go for higher education, then definitely he should prefer the degree of MBA. The only edge that MBA students have over PGDM students is that it is a degree and not a diploma course. Here students pursuing PGDM should note that even though it is a diploma, but if done from a proper B school, then these PGDM students can also get an edge over MBA students.

All the students who want to work in a professional field should understand that there is not much difference between an MBA or PGDM if it is done from a reputed B school. In a country like India, almost all Business Schools offer the course of MBA and PGDM.

Placement Scenario

The job placement of the student will be dependent on multiple factors like alumni network, the brand name of the institute from where the student is pursuing the course and the kind of impression the institute has in the industry. The main thing a student should make a note that his educational qualifications alone will not help him get his appraisals but his skills and abilities will.

Therefore, we can see that students who want to pursue their PGDM should remove the fear from their mind that it is just a diploma course. There are many reputed B-schools which offer both the programs. Sincerely, there is not much difference between the two programs. And students who are with the ease of the diploma tag should definitely go for PGDM while other students may pursue MBA degree keeping one thing in mind that what they are doing is very much the same as the PGDM course.

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Ramesh Keshav is a post graduate is a BE in Computer Science and MBA Finance .He likes to write about the topics relate...more

Ramesh Keshav is a post graduate is a BE in Computer Science and MBA Finance .He likes to write about the topics related to post graduation. less

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