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Most Important Vocabulary for SSC CHSL 2017-18 and SSC CGL 2018 for Bank Exam

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Vocabulary is an important section of SSC CGL preparation. Questions related to vocabulary are being asked in Tier 1 as well as Tier 2. So, you cannot do without getting a hold of vocabulary. There are many books available in the market solely dedicated to vocabulary building for competitive exams. Nevertheless, there are also many effective ways for acquiring as much as vocabulary you want to, given the surge of technology that surrounds us. These days everybody carries a phone, and every phone has a voice recorder in it.

Let us shed some light on simple ways for vocabulary building and most important vocabulary for SSC CHSL and SSC CGL.

Building your Vocabulary Power

Apart from reading books, there are also some other ways that can help you in building vocabulary:

  1. You can make some punch cards from cardboard and write some difficult words and read them while commuting.
  2. If you do not want to read, take your smartphone and record an audio of vocabulary with examples for better understanding. This is the easiest way to learn vocabulary.
  3. A traditional way of building vocabulary is by reading and rereading the words. You need to take a paper and note the tough words down. Keep revising the words whenever you get time.
  4. Start reading newspaper in your office, download an offline dictionary app.

These are some simple and fantabulous (Fantastic+fabulous) ways to do vocabulary for any competitive exam. And yes, try to incorporate these words into your day to day use with colleagues and friends.

Here are some very important words that are accompanied by synonyms, antonyms, and their proper usage via examples:

1. STASH (noun): छिपाने की जगह

Meaning: A store or supply of something, typically one that is kept hidden or secret.
Synonyms: cache, hoard, stockpile, store, reserve, reservoir, stock, provisions, resources.
Antonyms: cast, discard, dump, jettison, throw away, throw out, consume, squander, use up, waste, hand over, relinquish, dissipate, fritter (away), lavish, misspend. Usage: He looks around for a place to stash the dough and start a new identity.

2. STEER (verb): रास्ते पर लाना
Meaning: Guide the movement or course of.
Synonyms: guide, conduct, direct, lead, take, usher, escort, shepherd, marshal, herd.
Antonyms: abandon, ashore, fuddle, trail.
Usage: I held back a smile at his obvious attempt to steer me back on course.

3. SEMBLANCE (noun): दिखावा
Meaning: The outward appearance or apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different.
Synonyms: appearance, outward appearance, approximation, show, guise, pretence, facade, veneer
Antonyms: dissimilarity, unlikeness, disagreement, disproportion, incongruity, unlikeness.
Usage: We get no closer to any semblance of truth or any semblance of an idea of the best possible way forward.

4. WELL OFF (adjective): धनी
Meaning: Wealthy
Synonyms: rich, affluent, prosperous, opulent, substantial, comfortable
Antonyms: penniless, deprived, impoverished, beggared, needy, underprivileged
Usage: If you want to have well-off families, you have to have a wealth-creating economy in place.

5. PORTEND (verb): संकेत मिलता
Meaning: be a sign or warning that (something, especially something momentous or calamitous) is likely to happen.
Synonyms: presage, augur, foreshadow, foretell, prophesy, be a sign of, indicate, herald, signal, bode, signify, spell, denote; betoken.
Antonyms: oblivious, contraindicate, assure, calculate, determine, establish, insure, demonstrate.
Usage: By hovering nearby, the dark clouds portend a storm in our area.

6. SUPERANNUATED (adjective): 
Meaning: outdated or obsolete through age or new developments;
Synonyms: anachronistic, antiquated, broken-down, clapped out, defunct, long in the tooth, moribund, no longer used, obsolete, old, old-fashioned, out of date.
Antonyms: modern, current, modish, newfangled, active, modernized, hipster, fashionable.
Usage: The information on my website was superannuated and needed updating.

7. PROSELYTIZE (verb): फुसलाना
Meaning: convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.
Synonyms:  advocate, aid, assist, boost, brainwash, bring into the fold, convert, endorse, espouse, evangelize, foster, preach, proclaim, promote, propagandize, propound.
Antonyms: oppose, attack, refuse, disagree, renounce, repudiate.
Usage: It has been said that Mother Teresa was part of the missionary and her primary role here was to proselytize.

8. MISCONSTRUE (verb): गलत समझ
Meaning: interpret (a person’s words or actions) wrongly.
Synonyms: misapprehend, misunderstand, misinterpret, misperceive, misread, miss, mistake.
Antonyms: appreciate, apprehend, comprehend, conceive, fathom, get, grasp, penetrate, perceive, savvy, seize.
Usage: Judy had no idea that her intended compliment had been completely misconstrued by her aunt.

9. DODDER (verb):
Meaning: tremble or totter, typically because of old age.
Synonyms: totter, toddle, hobble, shuffle, shamble, falter, walk haltingly, walk with difficulty, stumble, stagger, sway, lurch.
Antonyms: steady, fix, hold, placate, stay, still, soothe, remain.
Usage: The old woman doddered from the bed to the table

10. AGAPE (adjective): भौंचक्का 
Meaning: (of a person’s mouth) wide open in surprise or wonder.
Synonyms: expectant, agog, anticipant, anticipatory, breathless, eager, enthusiastic, raring.
Antonyms: apathetic, indifferent, unconcerned, unimpressed, uninterested, unmoved.
Usage: When I first saw the sunset in the Grand Canyon, I could only stand staring with my mouth agape.

Apart from checking out the important vocabulary given above, Vocabulary for SSC CGL you can also download this pdf below. It contains 4000 essential word-list.

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