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Myths about Overseas Education Consultancies

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Over the past 10 years, an increasing number of Indians are going overseas in pursuit of higher education. Among the choicest destinations are the United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

According to industry reports, in the year 2017 more than 3 lakhs Indians went overseas to pursue higher education and the trend is ever on the rise. With this has also grown an increasing number of overseas consultancy firms and overseas career counseling. Are you Looking for Consultants for your Overseas Education but confused about the myths surrounding them? The present article focuses on the background of this flourishing industry to dispel some of the most common myths about the functioning of this once unknown field of the overseas education industry.

Myth 1: Overseas Consultant Doesn’t Know More Than the Applicant

Overseas Education Consultants are highly specialized in the work they are engaged in. They are accredited by universities to provide tailor-made solutions to you based on parameters like academic performance, financial support, course credits, the purpose of the program, and intent to learn and serve. In fact, providing counseling and feedback is a highly structured process and each counselor serves a niche market based on their competence and experience. Consultant have access to extensive information about career and educational opportunities, they can help you make sure that you make a fully informed choice when it comes to your career. Such specific information about universities isn’t readily available through secondary information platforms like journals, guides, and internet websites. The counselors are thus in a much better position to address your needs and ensure that what you expect is what you get.

Myth 2: Overseas Consultants are just concerned with making Money 

Quality service comes at a price. If the information that counselors provide is high-valued and strategic in terms of producing intended outcomes, it makes perfect sense to charge for it. And charging upfront from the clients for the assistance serves as a motivation enough to assure quality and ingenuity for the solution delivered. It’s a win-win alternative for both the client and the counselor.

Myth 3: VISA Application is a Simple Process

Since a professional immigration consultant is registered with the relevant authority, the entire immigration process is administered with utter perfection. Such individuals are acquainted with all the laws and regulations of immigration; hence there is no room for silly mistakes or delays in the processing of study visa. While the choice of hiring or not hiring such consultant is absolutely yours, we’d just like to add that applying for a visa without such assistance increases the chances of visa rejection. There are a number of factors that can cause a visa to reject like lack of awareness, the complexity of the case, unwillingness to invest time in going through the instructions. An in-depth understanding of immigration procedure is needed to fulfill the same. The process is complicated and should always be done under the guidance and supervision of an immigration or an overseas consultant.

Some of the most common myths about overseas education consultancies

Myth 4: The Best Course in Demand Is What I Should Also Demand

You need to crack the admission test and have a good score to get admission in your desired college. Read these essential tips for standardized tests for students who want admission overseas to get a good score. Finalizing a course will be the next step. To make a career decision based on just the scope of the course without a strong intent and past academic record may land you in trouble. There are colleges and universities who will be more than willing to offer programs of your choice. But they may do so just to fill their available seats. Only an ethical counselor will be able to guide you in the right direction. Industry scope is secondary; the primary concern should be to choose a career that meets your intent, interest, and competence. If one is able to meet these 3 objectives, the scope will follow quite convincingly.

Myth 5: Once I Get the VISA, I won’t require a Counselor anymore

A good overseas consultant will also be able to assist you with

  • Information on accommodation
  • Opening up a bank account in the host country
  • Health insurance
  • Tax file number and many more

As such, a serious student should strike the maximum benefit out of the services of the counselor. Global consultancies make sure to maintain a close association with clients served in the past for all future services and referrals. They also believe in sustainable growth that comes through building lasting relationships.

Myth 6: Consultants Serves Only for Money which Only the Rich Can Afford 

Though most of the students belong to a high-income group, yet overseas education doesn’t limit to only the rich class. There are universities and colleges in countries like US, UK, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia etc. These countries offer scholarship benefits to meritorious students in a vast array of programs. Again, a counselor can provide you with information on loans, scholarships and the deadlines for application. Counselors can apply on a student’s behalf and help the student get a course with scholarship facility. Paying some money for counseling service can, in fact, help you save a considerable sum towards financing your studies.


Tricks to save money while studying abroad

Myth 7: If I Have Money, I Will Manage to Get Through to Any College

Nothing could be further from the truth. Conditions that are necessary may not be sufficient. No doubt, adequate finance is one of the primary requirements, but that is not all. Your intent of pursuing the program, your performance in the stream, and recommendations go a long way in striking the right deal. That’s why foreign universities require candidates to write their own SOP (Statement of Purpose) for choosing a specific course program.

Myth 8: Overseas Consultants Won’t Understand My Problem 

One of the most common myths among students is that their problem is different from the rest. It is a truism that, things which seem to us most personal are in fact the most general. Most students research on their own without any direction and consequently waste much valuable time. Counselors are specialists in their areas and handle hundreds of cases every year. As such they know the inside-out of virtually every kind of problem. Moreover, through experience, they have gathered the intelligence to provide you with smart solutions to your challenge at a reasonable price. Therefore, the truth is that they will most likely be understanding your problem. And they will also be providing you with the best solutions.

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