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Myths Debunked: 5 Common Misconceptions About Blended Learning!

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Blended learning has become a fad in the realm of education. But it doesn’t come without the fair share of questions and scrutiny. So, what exactly blended learning is all about?

Blended learning is a form of an educational program that involves online learning as well as brick-and-mortar learning. Blended learning approach helps learners view lectures and courses in advance.

Its learning methods involve instructional mediums that primarily focus digital tools and techniques and other materials to get an output.

Given the size of the grey area surrounding blended learning, it’s very easy to understand the common misconceptions. Here are the most common myths debunked:

Blended Learning Is All About Fun and Games

Parents hear about blended learning every now and then. They consequently automatically imagine kids being in the classroom, playing games on electronic devices all day. However, that’s not the case! Although games, apps and other non-traditional modules might be the part of e-Learning best practices, the learning approach is not just limited to this.

Blended learning is a blend of different tools and instructional methods to offer support to the students’ learning styles. In addition, blended learning offers students the ability to explore their interest and learning styles on a deeper level.

This approach also boosts engagement in kids. It encourages them to participate interestingly instead of forcefully imposing one curriculum.

There Will Be Only Gadgets, Not Teachers

Blended learning doesn’t mean that kids will learn without teachers. In fact, kids can ask queries, take doubts and more through online learning. Kids will be able to communicate with the respective teacher of the specified course.

Teachers can also share the presentations, syllabus and other course-related things online to let students learn with ease. Also, rather than discussing the same syllabus, teachers can focus on creating formative assignments, and identifying misconceptions. They can also look for finding more ways to interact with students.

Further, the blended learning approach will streamline the learning process and will create room for more authentic instruction for students.

Blended Learning Doesn’t Involve Academic Standards

While students essentially become their own teachers in a blended learning environment, it’s very easy for parents to think that academics are missing. However, this is not true! Just because blended learning offers the ease to learn anything doesn’t mean kids will learning anything. This also doesn’t mean that they will forego the academic objectives.

Furthermore, blended learning also helps students who are weak in a specific subject. For instance, if someone needs more time in math, they can practice as many as questions they want instead of just hopping to the next syllabus.

Blended Learning Is About Individual Learning Only

Although the blended learning allows students to learn alone, in their own way, it doesn’t mean that every student is working on something different. in fact, in blended learning students will compete with their peers and will also work in groups to study.

They will be able to communicate and interact with other students and teachers to discuss things and course. Besides, students can participate in group interactions to study the same topics.

Blended Learning Is Time-Consuming

If you think that blended learning means designing individual lessons for every student, which would indeed be time-consuming, you are wrong! In blended learning, students play an important role and have to take their own responsibility, with teachers accentuating the process only. Also, learners will design their own curriculum with teachers to make learning accessible and easy.

So, those were some of the most common myths about blended learning. If you are soon going to enroll your kids in online learning, keep the above myths at bay and let revolutionize the way they study!

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