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NEET PG 2018 Paper Memory Based

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There were 300 questions in the NEET PG 2018 computer-based test. NEET PG 2018 exam duration was 3 hours and 30 minutes and 4 marks were allotted for the correct answer and there is negative marking of 1 mark for an incorrect answer.

Here are some of the questions for the Biology-Paper that will give you an idea about the type of questions that are being asked:

Q1: The sugar present in milk is _______.

(A) Sucrose

(B) Fructose

(C) Lactose

(D) Glucose

Ans: C

Q2: The space between the plasma membrane and the cell wall of a plasmolyzed cell surrounded by a hypertonic solution is occupied by the

(A) hypotonic solution

(B) isotonic solution

(C) hypertonic solution

(D) water

Ans: C

Q3: The single-horned Rhinoceros is protected at _______.

(A) Kaziranga National Park

(B) Kahna National Park

(C) Rajiv Gandhi National Park

(D) Anashi National Park

Ans: A

Q4: The number of ATP produced when a molecule of glucose undergoes fermentation is

(A) 4

(B) 36

(C) 2

(D) 38

Ans: C

Q5: The offspring produced from a marriage have only O or A blood groups. Of the genotypes given below, the possible genotypes of the parents would be

(A) I


O and IOI


(B) I


A and IOI


(C) I


O and IOI


(D) I


A and IAI


Ans: C

Q6: The part of the brain where the centre for hunger and thirst is located is

(A) Cerebrum

(B) Hypothalamus

(C) Cerebellum

(D) Medulla Oblongata

Ans: B

Q7: The species, though insignificant in number, determine the existence of many other species in a given ecosystem. Such species are known as

(A) Keystone species

(B) Sacred species

(C) Endemic species

(D) Extinct species

Ans: A

Q8: The scientific name of the moth which produces tasar is

(A) Bombyx mori

(B) Antheraea mylitta

(C) Antheraea assamensis

(D) Philosomia ricini

Ans: B

Q9: The rosette habit of cabbage can be changed by application of


(B) GA


(D) Ethaphon

Ans: B

Q10: The respiratory quotient during cellular respiration would depend on

(A) the nature of the substrate

(B) the amount of carbon dioxide released

(C) the amount of oxygen utilised

(D) the nature of enzymes involved

Ans: A

Q11: The reflex arc, which is made of two neurones is known as

(A) Monosynaptic reflex arc

(B) Disynaptic reflex arc

(C) Polysynaptic refles arc

(D) Asynaptic reflex arc

Ans: A

Q12: The presence of corollary corona, sagittate anthers and dumb-bell shaped stigma are the characteristic features of _______.

(A) Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

(B) Musa paradisiaca

(C) Ravenala madagascariensis

(D) Catheranthus roseus

Ans: D

Q13: The name of the pacemaker of the heart is

(A) Lymph node

(B) S.A. node

(C) Juxtaglumerular apparatus

(D) Semilunar valve

Ans: B

Q14: The name of Smt. Thimmakka is associated with the

(A) planting and conservation of avenue trees

(B) agitations against the hydroelectric project

(C) ‘Appiko’ movement

(D) conservationof fauna and flora of the western ghats

Ans: A

Q15: The main difference between Gram positive and Gram-negative bacteria is

(A) Cell membrane

(B) Cell wall

(C) Ribosome

(D) Mitochondria

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