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Neural networks and the SYPWAI project by TheNeurosphere

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TheNeurosphere told about innovative approaches to training neural networks

There are many things computers can do better than humans – calculate square roots or extract a web page instantly – but our brains are still one step ahead when it comes to common sense, inspiration, and imagination. Inspired by the structure of the brain, artificial neural networks (ANN) are the answer to making computers look more like humans and to help machines to think.

The human brain interprets the context of real situations differently from computers. Neural networks were first developed in the 1950s to solve this problem. An artificial neural network is an attempt to model the network of neurons that make up the human brain so that a computer can learn things and make decisions in a human manner. ANN are created by programming ordinary computers as if they were interconnected brain cells.

Artificial neural networks and their usage

Artificial neural networks use different levels of mathematical processing to understand the information they collect. Typically, an artificial neural network contains tens to millions of artificial neurons, called units, arranged in several layers.

So, information enters the brain, and each level of neurons provides understanding, and then the information is transmitted to the next, higher level. This is exactly the mechanism that ANN are trying to reproduce. In order for ANN to be trained, they need to contain a huge amount of information.

There are several ways to deploy artificial neural networks, including for classifying information, predicting results, and clustering data. As networks process and learn from data, they can classify a given dataset into a predefined class.

Google uses a 30-layer neural network to work with Google Photos, as well as to generate “watch next” recommendations for YouTube videos. Facebook uses artificial neural networks for its DeepFace algorithm, which can recognize certain faces with 97% accuracy.

TheNeurosphere continues to develop its SYPWAI startup

TheNeurosphere is known for developing an innovative approach to training neural networks. ANN are now an important extension of the computation concept. They can cope with a number of difficult problems and can create new programs and devices, which are able to solve problems that are beyond the power of the human brain.

According to the office of TheNeurosphere, the company applied for a grant of $ 90 million from the Life ASAPA international scientific organization to improve its technology and introduce it to the masses. Most experts in the development of neural networks agree that TheNeurosphere experts with the SYPWAI project will be able to revolutionize all scientific concepts in the field of artificial intelligence and neural networks. The company does not deny that it is developing just such a technology. The startup representatives wrote that they develop tools that will allow everyone to train neural networks from any location. Maybe 2018 will be the year of discoveries in the field of neural learning, time will tell.

Computers have the ability to understand the world around them in almost the same way like humans, thanks to the power of artificial neural networks.

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