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What could be the next step after 10th?

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What could be the next step after 10th

Confused!! About the right carrier path, what to choose after 10th? What it’s gonna be science? Commerce? Arts? Or follow the herd or go out of the box? These kind of questions pop up right after your results are announced. Well the answer can be very simple for a few and tough for the rest. There are many options that can be considered, but before that decide on what your aspirations are? What do you want to see yourself  as after 10 years as an engineer,a dancer, a banker or a politician etc?

The options to choose from after your High School results are largely classified into 3 categories.





Popular in India as gateway to professional courses and career options such as engineering and medicine etc. So you are interested in engineering, medicine and science related fields, this could be the best fit for you.

Don’t worry if you change your mind after you have chosen science for your higher secondary, Students from science stream can explore different options from the other major streams.


This stream lays down a concrete base for students pursuing a career in accounts, CA,finance, economics, banking sector and management. So if you are good with numbers and have a business perspective to things commerce is your cup of  tea!!


Frankly saying this stream if a fit to everybody because it provides a vast ocean of knowledge and career prospects. Courses such as history, political science, literature, arts, dance, music etc are offered in this stream.

Diploma Courses:

This is an option best suited for students who want to pursue a specific course in  Engineering and Non-Engineering fields. These courses mostly circle around engineering fields such as electrical, Mechanical, electronics etc. There are many universities that offer these courses.

Don’t get confused by looking at so many options, think wisely. You cn use expert advice by referring a few online portals like Career Breeder which helps you in making a wise decision based on psychometric test available at their website.

And if you are not too sure about all the above. Don’t be disappointed, you can check your aptitude and personality or consult an expert on various websites available to be extra sure as this is a question for your future. These experts will not only guide you but help you understand the current trend better you can visit sites like here you can take a 2 minutes test to assess your personality and based on the result you can consult an expert.

You can also try assessment test, the results help you assess yourself better. This test is not just for students in 10th it can be taken by any student.

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