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Opportunities for the UPSC Aspirants to Earn Money While Preparing for Exams

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Taking your steps forward for preparing for the UPSC exams (including the civil service exam), is laden with excellent prospects, once you qualify all its versions. But the opportunities for the UPSC aspirants are also filled with the chances of disappointments and gloom. This is particularly important if you remain unsuccessful in qualifying these exams. You will constantly need to monitor your journey with the preparation. This is, as it consumes too much of your resources- money, time and energy.

Hence, we suggest some precautions for you to understand and exercise them well. This is necessary if you want to give your best for preparation. This is also essential if you want to keep a part of your youth for other career paths. It will be useful, particularly, and God forbid, in the case you are not able to make it big!


  • Along with the UPSC, try taking the exams like state PSCs, various states’ police forces (of the grade of inspectors and sub-inspectors and this requires your well-built physique too), SSC exams etc.
  • Prepare for the challenges of higher education like GRE, GMAT, and others. Also, you can go for pursuing your master’s in arts (M.A.) course from a university offering distance education (like IGNOU).
  • Start teaching high school students in an educational institute or a coaching center. This will benefit you double. It will earn some money for you. Moreover, it will also provide you the additional platform to apply and practice your expertise.
  • You can also try teaching senior students in civil services/UPSC coaching. But, here comes the indispensable condition of providing your mark sheet along with a demo of your teaching!
  • Teaching in such an environment will really benefit you. The coaching will hardly take 4 to 5 hours of yours. Thus, you can revise your learning content daily, besides meeting your monthly expenses, easily. But you need to prepare extremely well, as the students preparing under you will test all your abilities!

Some More Tips!

  • Next, are the jobs of a sommelier or a bartender, that you can consider. But these have their own challenges! Remembering the ingredients of different drinks and their names, odd working hours, you may face all. Moreover, you may require some useful connections in the hotel industry to avail of this job.
  • Trying your hands at the job for which you have used them till now- writing your answers! The sphere of writing is the thing we are talking about. And, you can try various genres of the art here- content writing, creative writing, essaying, editing, scribe, and various others. With the spread of affordable internet, many online publishers and portals have come up to publish your product. Meanwhile, offline versions of these jobs are already there for you, to benefit from. But you’ll need to reside close to a publisher of books for that.
  • Lastly, the option that we are going to discuss with you will be the most useful for the “early-pursuers-of-a-trade-turned-exam-preparators.” Such preparators can either return to their earlier jobs- medicine, engineering, teaching, IT profession, legal advocacy etc. Simultaneously, they must bear in mind to balance it with their efforts for the UPSC exams. Or, they can follow their job full time, for the purpose of supporting themselves, for a time being. They can leave the job once they feel they are ready again to meet the demands, put forth by the exam.


Having presented the ideas, we hope you UPSC aspirants would have gained much useful information. With the number of vacancies getting weaker each year, we would suggest you prepare for the exams with extreme sincerity. Otherwise, besides wasting away your life, you are spoiling the money hard-earned by your parents!


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