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Parenting Apps That’ll Change Your Experience

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Parenting is often an experience that many of those who’ve experienced it would describe as equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. It’s an incredible period of anyone’s life, bringing a family into the world and growing alongside your child.

However, there are many challenges, obstacles and moments where any parent needs a little helping hand. This remains true whether you’re a first time parent, or you’ve been around the baby block a few times.

Luckily, the good news is that regardless of what shape your family takes, you don’t have to navigate this period alone!

There are so many new opportunities to create meaningful digital experiences for parents, whether your needs stem from wanting to connect with like-minded parents, learning a little more about how to be the best parent you can be, or simply organise a sitter for the evening.

From parenting apps that help with monitoring your child’s growth and development, to getting the low-down on your local community, and even pre school software that keeps you up to date with their schooling, there’s an app for that!

Baby +

Baby + is an all-in-one app that lets parents capture important moments in their child’s life, track growth, monitor routines and even create custom graphs!

While this might seem a little overwhelming – yet another thing to think of on top of everything else you’ve got going on – Baby + is designed to provide useful information on what you can expect at different points in your child’s life. You can monitor their sleeping patterns – so you can figure out when to squeeze in that power nap – at the same time that you’re reading any of the handy guides on child development.

Plus, Baby + is available on IOS and Android and is free to download!


Winnie is an app that its creators say is ‘designed to give parents superpowers’. It gives you all the information you could ever need to support your little ones during their developmental years.

Winnie brings together useful tips, guides and resources on each aspect of parenting you can think of. From information about local childcare, pre schools and family-friendly activities you can do with your child, to enabling you as a new or ‘returning’ parent to connect with your local parenting community!

It’s all about collecting and sharing information with the other parents in your area, so this is one of the best apps for parents who need a little extra help at times – and let’s face it, who doesn’t?

Winnie is available on IOS and Android, and it’s free!


This is one of the best apps for child education, especially those early, formative years where you want to make sure your child is getting the best schooling they can.

As a comprehensive piece of pre school software, TeachKloud is designed to streamline communication between your child’s pre school, nursery or early years education setting and you as a parent. As a way of improving childcare management within these educational settings, TeachKloud is a way that you can see your child’s development and growth at pre school, all while communicating easily with their teachers.

It allows you to see how your little one is spending their time at school, keep track of their behaviour, see the areas of their early years education that they’re really enjoying and maintain a good connection with their teachers.

TeachKloud gives you a Parent Portal where all this handy information is kept in a clean, organised way, and streamlines those crucial early years.


Want to organise the chaos of your family home? Whether it’s just you and the little one or you’ve got a full house, keeping organised is key when it comes to creating a happy, clutter-free space – both physically and mentally.

OurHome is an organisation app for parents that helps you manage day to day tasks in a collaborative way that really takes the stress out of things. From sharing your food shopping lists to keeping track of important calendar dates, this is a great app for when baby brain strikes.

There’s even options for you to set goals for your child(ren), so you can keep them motivated and the organisation flowing.

Parenting is tough, there’s no doubt about it. But with the influx of technology, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with like-minded parents, keep on top of everything from your child’s development to what they’re learning, and even apps that just bring parents together.

These apps are just a few of the ones available, with a wide wealth of resources, tools and platforms to share, learn and support yourself and your child(ren).

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