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What to do After Passing Class 12

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Options after Intermediate

So, you’ve just finished your academic year, and you’ve passed all of your Class 12 exams! Put your hands up if you know what you’re going to do now. If you’re like many students, you probably haven’t got a clue, despite thinking about it 24/7.

The Dilemma

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is what career path you’re going to make next. However, there are so many options open to you; it can be extremely hard to know whether you’re making the right decision or not.

To help when it comes to finally making this decision, here’s everything you need to know. Checkout How to decide your dream college.

Start a Commerce Career

Starting a career in the Commerce stream is a great career choice to make as it’s an industry where there are always going be jobs available.

To pursue this career, you’re going to need to apply for a Bachelor of Commerce degree. You’ll also need to choose a specialist subject for this course.

“With a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, you’ll be able to go on to be a chartered accountant, a financial analyst, a company secretary and other similar roles,” says Megan Tooke, an educator for Paper Fellows.

Start a Science Career

Starting a career in the Science industry can open up a whole new world of opportunities. There are many subjects that can be covered which include, biology, mathematics, chemistry, general science, earth science, computer science, engineering, sport and exercise science and much more.

For any of these roles, you’re going to want to apply for a Bachelor of Science Degree, availability of which will depend on the university or college you apply for.

From a Bachelor Degree, you’ll also be able to then continue to a Master’s degree, which will multiply your job opportunities tenfold.

There is a wealth of careers you can follow from here. Some of these include jobs in the medical industry, veterinary services, pharmaceutical industry, dental industries, nursing and, of course, engineering.

All of these careers in themselves also have a full range of other jobs. For example, there are over 50+ roles that full under the engineering category, so it’s worth researching which exact one you want to do before enrolling in a course.

Start an Art Career

The final option you have is to start a career in the Arts industry. For this, you’ll need a Bachelor of Arts Degree, and it can entitle you to start courses like history, religion, performing arts, psychology and other similar jobs roles.

As with the science degree, it’s important that you decide the exact subject and career that you want to follow so you can specialize in that area.

Tools to Help You Enrol in a Course

When applying for a course, you want to make sure that your application is perfect, so you stand the best chance of being accepted. Here’s a list of tools that can help you achieve this level of quality.

  • Word Counter: This is a free online tool you can use for tracking and monitoring the word count of your enrolment application in real-time.
  • UKWritings: An online service that can help you improve your grammar skills for writing your application.
  • State of Writing: A free online blog with a tonne of articles on how to write professional applications.
  • Boom Essays: This is an online writing community where you can find guides and expert help on writing professional applications, as recommended by the Huffington Post in Write My Essay.
  • Cite It In: This is a free online tool you can for adding citations, references and quotes to your application professionally.
  • Essay Roo: An online writing service that can help you proofread your application.
  • Via Writing: An online blog is full of articles to help answer any application writing questions you may have.
  • My Writing Way: An online writing blog is overflowing with posts on everything you need to know about writing an application.

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