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Plagiarism Inspection Made Inconsequential

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Most of us today think that plagiarism is not a problem they should care for. They think, they can copy someone’s work and paste it on their website. If you just got your site developed, you cannot just copy and upload whatever you want from the internet. The content needs to be unique or else you will be facing the penalties of Google. Every newbie who builds a site needs guidance on how to keep it running and up to date. Most of the times people don’t really care. While capturing work of others they think they can acquire some attention. But believe me, you are just being dishonest to the rules of search engine optimization.

Plagiarism is not a crime, but it is considered unethical. The reason is you are stealing somebody’s words or work. This thievery is because you are being unjust to the person you copied work of. Google is not going to charge you for anything. But definitely, it is going to add your site to the list of who will be penalized. So, it is imperative to see for your work over the internet through some plagiarism checker. There is a small amount of probability that your content contains words that are already present somewhere over the internet. So, we advise you to use some good plagiarism checker. It is better to get rid of those words which can affect the rank of your website. This is because if similar words are present on a good ranking site your site will not be indexed.

Google Crawlers crawl websites with better ranks frequently. The reason is they are updating content on a regular basis and whatever they upload is unique. It also helps Google learn more. Moreover, if your content-quality is exceptional, there is a chance that Google might add it to its news.

Avoid Plagiarism by Paraphrasing

The best way so far to avoid plagiarism is by writing about something in a different way. So, if you find something intriguing over the internet, you can always write about it in your words. It will not only make it unique, but it might get more precise than the document you read. Researching for something before you write about it is way more important because if you are writing about something similar already on the web, then you need updated information. If the content of your website isn’t unique, your site will be excluded from search engine page results. So, whenever you are going to write about something make sure it is unique, updated and plagiarism free. There are many tools available over the internet to check plagiarism (I use plagiarism checker tool by, in case you want to know if I use a plagiarism checker.

Penalties of Plagiarism

If your site got hit by plagiarism penalties of Google, then you need to start updating content differently. This is required so that people can get something interesting to learn about every day. And once your site begins to gather a lot of visitors daily, Google will notice a change and crawlers will start indexing your site to Google’s database. The very first thing the penalties do is, it takes your website off of search engine page results. Secondly, they lower your rank because of which you get less traffic. Many times, people with famous artwork or writing work suffer similarly from plagiarism. People copy their work and paste it on their site. This temporarily receives the attention of people around the internet. But when crawlers find plagiarized work, your site will be in the middle of nowhere. So, don’t forget to keep a check on your work with a plagiarism checker, online.

What All Can Be Plagiarized and How to Prevent It?

Over the internet, there are many things. One of these is images. Usually, photographers upload images over the internet to share their piece of work with the people. But people copy it and paste it over their site without quoting or tagging the real owner of the website. So, if you want to upload images over a site then use a PDF format. This will ensure the safety of your pictures and also run a plagiarism checker on your previously uploaded work. Because no one will be able to edit those files. Moreover, you can use a password to add an extra layer of security to your PDF files.

If you are a writer, then you really need to check for plagiarism through different means. One of these is plagiarism checker tool over the internet.

Similarly, people who prepare a speech must choose their words wisely. If they are using someone else’s words, they shouldn’t forget to quote that person’s name. The reason is that people will think, why he is using someone else’s words as his own? Hence, to avoid such skepticism, please be yourself.

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