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Planning An Aged Care Career In Sydney? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Older people account for a significant portion of Australia’s total population. Based on the 2016 Census, around 13.9 % of all residents living in the Greater Sydney area belong to the 65 and above age group. Sydney also ranked high in the list of the best cities in the world to retire. According to Knight Frank’s Global Lifestyle Review in 2016, retirees enjoy the city’s exceptional healthcare system, senior-friendly tourist attractions, and competitive housing prices.

The city also has impressive aged care facilities. These senior care institutions also attract younger people to live in the area due to employment opportunities. If you want to have a career in this industry, you need to take up aged care courses in Sydney to qualify for the position. You can prepare for this career with the use of the following information.

Sydney Offers Plenty Of Career Opportunities

The aged care industry in Sydney and the rest of the country continues to thrive due to the aging population. According to reports, the number of Australians who need aged care could double by 2050. Because of this, the demand for professional aged care workers remains on a steady rise. The country’s government even predicted that there would be as many as 179,000 job openings in this sector over the next five years.

If you happen to take any aged care courses in Sydney, a lot of career opportunities await you. Taking the courses will qualify you to get employed faster. It can also guarantee a long-term job since experts believe that these retirement facilities will be around for a long time.

Sydney Requires Feasible Worker Duties And Responsibilities

Working as an aged care employee in Sydney requires you to be competent all the time. You also need to comply with a set of duties as a person responsible for a senior patient. Some of your responsibilities include accompanying their clients throughout their daily activities.

You must also assist clients in performing regular functions like dressing up and doing daily hygiene routines. Other duties of typical aged care workers in the city include helping in housekeeping tasks, shopping, and living in with the clients to provide the best care possible.

Sydney Needs Aged Care Workers With Specific Skills And Knowledge

If you want to work as an aged care worker in Sydney, you need to possess some essential skills to ensure smooth sailing employment. Most clients look for a person who has high service orientation and social perceptiveness skills when hiring an aged care worker.

It will also help if you have a high active listening skill and exceptional communication skills so you can relate well with your senior patient. As much as possible, you must be fluent in speaking English since the majority of older people living in the city speak the language.

Which Program Should You Enrol ln?

You need to undergo either one of the two main paths to become an aged care worker in Sydney. First is through taking formal aged care courses in Sydney while the other one requires you to enrol in an apprenticeship program. If you choose to study the aged care courses, you must finish either the Ageing Support or Individual Support VET Qualification.

If you opt to train, you need to register your training sessions with a Registered Training Organization (RTO) to receive a VET Qualification certificate at the end of the apprenticeship period. Once you get your necessary certification, you can start your career in aged care as soon as possible.

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