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Planning to Go to a University in Another Country? Here Are Some Tips for Getting Ready

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When Planning Studying Overseas

If you are planning to go to a university in another country for studying and are currently preparing to move there ahead of your course, then there are some things you can do that will help you be better prepared when you arrive. As well as making all of the practical arrangements, you can do some things to help you prepare mentally and socially for the experience of living in a brand new country.

Start Picking Up the Basics of the Language

A lot of universities in countries like Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy, and Portugal offer courses in English for international students. This means that it is possible to go and study abroad in a different country even if you do not speak their language. However, you will need to be able to speak the language to some extent just to be able to do things like use public transport, order food, and deal with your neighbors. You are bound to pick up language skills over time as you spend time in the country, however you can use things like Duolingo to begin to pick up the very basics that will help you do things like shop and get around.

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Important factors to bear in mind

Make Some Online Friends in Your New Location

Another thing that you can do ahead of your move is to try and meet some people online who live in the city that you are moving to. You may well find that through things like Twitter and Reddit you can find people who already go to the university you will be going to, and who share some interests with you. If you can make friends with some people like this, you will be able to ask them all kinds of things, like where the best places to go out are, or places to avoid. You may even have some people you can meet up with when you first arrive so that you do not feel lonely before you start your course and make friends with your classmates.


One of the primary reasons why people like to study abroad is so that they can learn all about the new location and culture alongside their university course. It can, therefore, be good to have a long research session and read as many travel guides as you can before you leave. You can pick out places that you would like to visit, such as museums, local sites of interest, and nearby towns that you might like to see on the weekends. You should also research the variety of accommodation options available before settling with the first that you find. For example, one company that offers something unique is Collegiate AC whose luxury en-suite studio apartments in Valencia have a private pool and sauna, rooftop terrace, on-site cinema and a games room! Now imagine missing out on a place like this because you didn’t do enough research?

Questions to ask yourself before Planning to Go to a University in Another Country

Planning can be really exciting and fun and you will probably find it will make you, even more, hyped up to begin your new experience studying overseas.

Preparing yourself in terms of research and learning and building up some kind of network over in your new location can make the move much easier when the time comes for you to finally start your college course.

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