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Popular Jobs in Civil Engineering

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What is the job of civil engineers?

The designing, building, operating, constructing, supervising and maintaining infrastructural systems and projects in both private and public sector like making tunnels, dams, bridges, roads, airports, water supply and drainage systems etc. are the works of a civil engineer. Other than these works also civil engineers are employed in education and research industry.

Duties that are needed to be performed by a civil engineer:

  1. The civil engineers design, map the work, analyze plans that are of long terms and survey several other data centric reports of projects.
  2. Preparing cost of estimates for materials, equipment and labour for the entire project and its economic feasibility
  3. To mull over construction cost, rules and regulations of the government, all probable environmental hazards and other factors of planning of projects
  4. Critical analysis of test results of soil testing to determining strength of foundation
  5. Submit project applications to local bodies or state agencies with the certification that the project complies with all rules and regulations
  6. Scrutinize test results on building materials like concrete, steel, wood etc.
  7. Responsible for repair, maintenance and replacement of public as well as private infrastructure.

Civil Engineer’s work greatly impacts the environment, economy and sustainability of the society. A civil engineer can be in supervisory as well as administrative position of a construction site. Below are few of the professions that civil engineers can take up.

  • Project engineer:

One of the most sought after fields of engineering is mechanical engineering. They are responsible for developing, designing and testing thermal as well as mechanical sensors and machines, tools and engines.

These jobs have found popularity in Houston, Chicago, New York and so on.

  • Civil Engineer:

As we know civil engineers are responsible for building, designing, planning, maintaining, operating and supervising constructing works of private as well as public sector and maintaining the infrastructure of a country.

A high paying job role can be found in Atlanta, San Juan, New York etc.

  • Internship:

Technicians of civil engineering help in planning, designing and building the infrastructure of the country to the civil engineers. They also provide assistance in designing, planning and building commercial or residential development projects.

  • Project manager:

He is responsible for the planning, maintaining, procurement and execution of projects. In the engineering sectors for any issues, the role of a Project Manager is inevitable.

  • Engineer:

One of the huge engineering sectors is Mechanical Engineering. They design, build, develop and conduct regularly checkups tools and devices used in the projects.

  • Site Engineer:

The role of Electrical Engineers comes into effect in designing and supervising equipments used in the manufacturing sectors like electric motors, communication and power generation equipment etc. Electronic Engineers on the other hand develop and design systems like communications and broadcasting materials used for global positioning systems.

  • Designing Engineer:

Mechanical Engineering plays part in the designing sectors like building, developing sensors and other necessary tools and equipments used in machines.

  • Structure Engineer:

In the construction activities, the role of a Civil Engineer is very vital. He designs, supervise, build and operate construction projects in different sectors that include roads, buildings, dams, water supply, tunnels, bridges, airports and sewage disposal.

  • Field Engineer:

Civil Engineer supervises the construction activities and operates projects and other disciplines in private and public sectors that include building of airports, reviving and renovation of water supply system, sewage disposals, construction of bridges etc.

  • Research Assistant:

A Research Assistant is to help carry out research projects normally used in laboratory and social sectors.

There are various types of Civil Engineering disciplines. They are –

Construction Management

Builders and Developers are mainly two trades where huge number of civil engineers is employed. Specialized knowledge is required in planning for contingencies and weather extremities. This type of job is very demanding and requires skilled engineers.

Geotechnical Engineering

This is a specialized field job required in infrastructure activities like spreading of gas pipelines and water lines and mining. Proper planning and surveying is required to carry out such projects and these are based on natural resources, waste disposal and pollution difficulties.

Environmental Engineering

These types of work involve nature and its upkeep. In urban planning, pollution and hazardous activities are main areas of concerns and have to address properly.

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