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Preparation Tips and Best Resources Using PARCC Practice Tests

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The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a group of six states. It works tandemly with the District of Columbia, Bureau of Indian Education, and the Department of Defence Educational Activity. This group administers a set of English and Mathematics exams.

These assessments were created to test the application of students’ knowledge that they have gained throughout their time at school. The exam consists of two sections:

The first section covers the mathematical principles that students have learned through their time at school. The section examines if they are able to apply these principles to the appropriate level.

The second section covers English literacy. It is designed to evaluate the students’ capacity to read multiple passages and test their ability of literary analysis.

This assessment allows educators to find the areas in which the students are lagging behind. It also helps them to identify those who need additional individual support. The results of the test help to take the appropriate measures in an improvement of students’ academic performance.

The exam is completely computer-based therefore it requires an appropriate level of the technical equipment. The test requirements and standards differ depending on the state where the exam is conducted. The PARCC exam brings a bright and full picture of the students’ skills gained during the school year.

The tests administered through PARCC are usually taken every year, from the 3rd grade to 11th. The primary intention of these tests is to develop a high level of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This will help the individuals to prepare for their future career.

The students are going to have a large number of career opportunities at their disposal. This they will gain by possessing a good level of theoretical knowledge and the ability to think critically as well. Thus, parents/guardians of students can be sure that they will reap great returns by investing in the student’s education. Also, their investment in the student’s education will be justified.

Preparation Tips

Here are some tips that may come in handy while preparing for this exam:

Make sure that PARCC Practice Test Questions & Answers that you are going to take is being taken on a device similar to the one you will be facing on the test day. Taking practice tests on the right device will save your time. This will help you increase the efficiency of your work.

Eliminate the negative barriers in your head and develop the self-confidence. It is critical for you to be assured that you are well-equipped to ace the exam. Uncertainty and fear can do you a disservice.

Contact your teacher or guide if you think that you are having a problem. This is going to help you cope with the obstacles.

Make use of the highlighter. It can be very helpful when you want to look back at the most important parts of a paragraph. This will help you to structure the information. Moreover, it will also save you plenty of time when you will revise the material before the exam.

Read the questions carefully. Pay attention to the wording as it can be confusing and not always clear from the first time. You must be very focused when you answer a question. Otherwise, you can interpret it incorrectly and end up with a low score even if you are well prepared.

If you have your exam soon, it’s imperative for you to keep practicing. In fact, this is the right way to improve their scores. Start to study well before the exam so that you can devote enough time to each topic. You must do this in both the English and Math sections.

BestExam Resources 

The PARCC test is taken at the end of each academic year, so it is very important not to forget that there are many resources such as books and websites, which can help in preparation. Depending on your grade, you can choose the appropriate program for your training. It is required of students to be well-versed with the test framework, and this is why it is so important to take the practice test at least a few times. The more familiar you are with the exam, the more confident you feel, and the better are the chances to achieve a good score.

There are books, which are going to help the students prepare for the exam. Some books include questions, which are very similar to the ones that expected to be in the actual exam. The manual can also contain test-taking strategies, which can be extremely helpful, as the students may not necessarily be familiar with the PARCC exam pattern.

Let’s prepare for the PARCC– This book is available for all the classes and all the subjects that the candidates are studying. The guide provides the students with questions for training and two practice tests. The contents of the books vary according to the subject and grade, but the purpose and the approach stay the same.


There are a lot of websites with various worksheets concerning different subjects that are intended to help the students with preparation for the PARCC exam. The more the candidates are going to practice, the faster they will be able to answer the questions in the exam. Also, if the training process is conducted in the same environment where the test will take place, the efficiency of the students will grow significantly.

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