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PrepAway Practice Tests & Exam Dumps for Cisco CCIE Security Certification for Network Architects

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There are many who widely recognize and respect Cisco as a provider for both networking and networking security certifications and programs. Their systems are the backbone to most of the computer networking across the globe. Cisco certification programs bring valuable and measurable rewards to the IT professionals, managers and companies that hire them. As networking security is an actual topic nowadays, PrepAway Cisco CCIE Security Certification is in demand. 400-251 is a CCIE Security exam that certifies the experts with the skills and knowledge in engineering, troubleshooting, architecting and securing networks in companies all over the world. In addition, it supports the full suite of Cisco Security technology by using recent industry practices to safeguard the environment from the current security threats, risks, and vulnerabilities.

More details:


There are no official requirements for CCIE Security certification. To attain the certification, the candidate requires to pass the Written Exam Software (400-251) and the Lab Exam.
Moreover, one expects the candidate to be familiar with the exam topics. In addition, one should have a job experience that is not less than three years. The first step is to sit for 400-251 exam:

PrepAway CCIE Security Exam (400-251)

This is the written qualification exam a candidate does in order to receive CCIE Security credential. It is a two-hour exam that covers the equipment commands and some network security concepts. The concerned authorities have covered topics such as: Network functions and Security concepts, Cisco network security solutions, technologies, and products in areas like next-generation firewalls, policy management, identity services, malware protection, and device hardening. Also, 400-251 exam makes use of the combined exam topics which encloses upcoming technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Network Programmability and Cloud. In order to take the exam, one needs to have 7 years of job experience.

FAQs on cyber security

CCIE Security Lab Exam

The second step is to take the CCIE Security Lab Exam, which the authorities have designed to test the candidate’s competence to obtain a secure network in a timed situation. The candidate can take the exam in an eight-hour time in a lab. The candidate should make the first attempt of this exam within eighteen months of passing CCIE Security Written exam. In cases of failure, the candidate should redo the exam within twelve months. Candidates failing in their lab exam within three years of passing the written exam require to retake it. And this they can do only before being acknowledged to sit for the lab exam.


Professionals in Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security require to recertify every two years. This active status depicts the professional’s commitment to maintaining their expert-level in critical industries. The authorities encourage experts in this field to have the ongoing technical knowledge and pass a recertification exam every two years. Professionals who do not accomplish their recertification before the deadline lose the benefits associated with their expert status. Similarly, authorities accord the suspension of their PrepAway CCIE Certification. Viewing of the recertification deadline is done online. In this case, such professionals have one year to reinstate their CCIE status before they become inactive.

Before the certification expires, professionals have the option and flexibility to recertify using one of the best options below. This is to enable the candidate to maintain an active status every two years. Such options include:

Earning the expected credits through Cisco Continuing Education Program, or

Passing any of the current CCIE Lab Exam or the CCIE Written Exam, or

Passing the CCAr board review and CCAr interview to expand lower certifications.

Benefits of CCIE Certification

The designers of the Cisco Certification have attached a series of opportunities and benefits to both the professional and the employers. Possessing this certification places an individual a step ahead of the competition in the networking industry. Nevertheless, it assists the expert in the navigation of their IT career. Such benefits include:

The certified professionals provide the companies with a high level of assurance that they possess sound knowledge and skills in Cisco networking. This helps the companies in maintaining their status and boosting their reliability and profitability.

PrepAway CCIE Security certification contributes significantly to the professional’s career. They act as a major tool to display the skill level and open you more job opportunities. Many companies seek to employ Cisco Certified professionals in the job vacancies they have. A Cisco Certified professional is a guarantee that the company has a knowledgeable and proficient candidate in matters of networking security because studying for Cisco Certifications broadens the technology horizon of the expert. The candidates follow this during their training process where on daily basis, they deal with technical scenarios.

Obtaining Cisco Certification is associated with hours of study and hard work. Being Cisco Certified implies that the professional is reliable, motivated and can complete the necessary tasks. These certifications compel one to stay updated with the technological changes. IT professionals work in industries that are gradually changing. Pointing out a certification that is of great value and sitting for the exams makes a great difference in remaining relevant in the IT field. Moving with the technological changes and adding to the skills with certifications become a good career for many IT professionals.

Some more benefits

PrepAway Cisco Certifications are globally recognized. Attaching a Cisco Certification to your CV increases the chances of rising to the career ladder. With Cisco Certification, it becomes easy to look for hiring managers and recruiters.

Reasons for organisations needing cyber security professionals

The more the experience and knowledge, the more the advantage in terms of income. The higher level of Cisco Certification the professional possesses, the higher income he/she gets. These figures are a good indication to individuals who want to invest their time and money to attain these certifications. Studying for Cisco exams is not an easy process. As a return, they are absolutely pricey. Still, this certification is worth getting. According to Payscale website, the average salary of CCIE Network Architect is about $137,786.


To sum up, the article has provided you with the benefits of being Cisco CCIE Security certified. You also know the details of how to get this credential. It is time to become certified and build the career of your dream and, of course, to enjoy the benefits. Remember that you will always be in-demand, as incidences of security attacks happen daily and the systems worldwide need to be secured. With CCIE certification, you will find a job across the globe easily.


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