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Why Proofreading Is the Most Important Thing For Your Scholarship Application

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Proofread before you submit your application

When kids just enter the first grade and start learning how to write, the teachers start emphasizing the importance of proofreading. Kids are often reminded to check their works for grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes and to make sure that their works are done neatly.

Yet, most of the students in colleges and universities often need to be reminded to proofread their works. Unfortunately, students don’t much attention to this important stage of writing and submitting any work. Many international students often turn to external support, either being unable to do it themselves or having lack of editorial support at their college or university. Submitting a paper that has not been proofread can lead to undesirable consequences. For example, not proofreading paper may result in a bad grade. But scholarship application or any other documents submitted for a scholarship program that has not been proofread will definitely undermine your status as an applicant.

Not convinced? Here are more reasons why proofreading is the most important thing for your scholarship. Also, check 8 Tips to Write a Marketing Research Paper.

Reason#1: Error Correction

Were you ever about to submit a paper or an application but suddenly noticed a huge grammatical or spelling blunder? Skipping to check your application or any work you are to submit is one of the most common mistakes you can make while applying for a scholarship.

Proofreading at this point includes checking for any grammatical, spelling or punctuation mistakes. Eliminating these mistakes from any paper you submit for a scholarship will help you create an image of yourself as an educated and a neat person.

Tip: Sometimes small mistakes can escape from you. It’s better to give the papers you are to submit to an experienced person you trust and ask them to proofread the documents for you. This way you will definitely get all the possible mistakes corrected.

Correct ErrorsReason#2: Answering All Questions

Proofreading is not just about finding mistakes. For example, do you want your scholarship application to stand out? Make sure you’ve answered all the questions consistently and correctly. As a requirement for applying for any scholarship, you can be given a series of questions like “Why do you think you’re right for us?” or “Why should we pick you?” and many other questions concerning your knowledge and work in a field that is connected to a scholarship program.

Proofreadinghere is essential as it will help you identify inconsistencies. Even if you’re telling about yourself, each sentence should connect to the previous one and should have the cause-and-effect relationship.

Tip: To make sure that you’re following all your thoughts and ideas while answering questions, make a small plan for each question. You can also draw a small mind map to identify all the crucial points. Yes, it’s a little bit time-consuming but is totally worth it.

Preserve Your StyleReason#3: Preserving Your Style

Scholarship applications and essays are all about your personal style that will or will not captivate the scholarship committee. For sure, you have already figured out your personal writing style, however, when you’re applying for a scholarship, you might need to make some major changes to it.

For example, you might like writing in long sentences, which definitely won’t benefit you in this case. Or you may like to put such phrases like “It’s common knowledge that” which may actually sound a little bit arrogant. “While writing a scholarship essay or any other similar types of work, we usually recommend to stay as natural as possible”, says Nicole Freitenberg, a manager at“Unnecessary, pushy phrases will show that you’re trying too much and might give an impression that you are not confident about your abilities”.

Tip: Proofread all your works that have sentences containing too many subordinate clauses. While reading such sentences people often lose the sense of the whole sentence very fast. And the scholarship committee doesn’t have time to re-read, so such sentences are better eliminated or re-written.

Use the Proofreading Tools on Internet

Internet tools to make sure that your work is proofread well

Fortunately, the Internet has the abundance of various tools for editing and proofreading. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Grammarly: This is one of the top-rated editing and proofreading tools. You can insert and check your text online or, for an additional payment, download the whole app to your computer. It will work with Microsoft Word to ensure the complete absence of mistakes in all your papers.
  2. Ginger: One of the greatest tools to create your own personal writing style! It has many features, including proofreading, rephrasing sentences and even translation in over 60 languages. This app keeps adding even more cool features and makes your writing spotless.
  3. PaperRater: This is a free tool for proofreading and checking for any spelling and grammatical mistakes. Besides, this tool offers you style suggestions and a complete plagiarism check. It’s a perfect tool for proofreading any of your written works.

You may like to read 6 Best Essay Editing Websites for Students.

And to top it all…

For sure, when applying for a scholarship, the ends justify all means. So, Souse all the tools mentioned above to proofread and make your writing spotless. After all, your writing is your image, so do everything to make it great!

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