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Pros and Cons of IIT JEE (Advanced) online test 2018

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The recent launch of the official website confirmed that JEE Advanced 2018 will be conducted in a Computer-Based mode. As a result, it has created a feeling of uneasiness amidst a number of aspirants. Those aspirants who are from remote rural villages are specifically not excited about it, irrespective of how good they are in mathematics or science. There are signs that most of them do not have knowledge of or access to a computer. To a number of students, it still remains a new and somewhat bewildering news. Some aren’t even slightly certain of the skills and strategies that will enable them to perform at their best of levels.

In fact, of the 2.2 lakh aspirants for the IIT Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) in 2018, an estimated 50-60% are going to be from rural and semi-urban areas. Last year’s JEE-Mains was conducted both via offline and online modes. JEE-Mains is a preliminary exam or a window to the JEE-Advanced. According to expert estimates, just 5-10% students opted for the online test at that time.

Now when there is no other path available to tread on, let us first dive in deeper into the advantages of this new mode of exam-

JEE Advanced Online Exam – Pros

The IIT Joint Admission Board (JAB) Officials are of a sound belief that this online test will help prevent mistakes and also avert situations like those encountered last year. In which, JAB, the apex body that conducts the exam reportedly gave 18 bonus marks to candidates who took the JEE Advanced because of printing and translation errors in the question paper.

Therefore, now there will be-

No need to fill in the details:  

Students will have to insert the password or your DOB, and nothing more. So, the question of filling in wrong roll number will never arise.

No need to fill the OMR:  

Students will save at least 5 minutes in each paper just by a click of the mouse. Filling the OMR, we know, is sometimes a tedious job for some students. Answers can be changed multiple times. Hence, chances of filling wrong bubbles will be eliminated.

Results declared faster:  

With JEE Advanced being held online, the results would be declared much earlier than ever was possible in offline mode. As a result, the anxiety that most of the students experience after the exam will not remain for a long time.

No need to fill the bubbles anymore: 

Erasing and circling bubbles in OMR sheet can be time-consuming. It takes around 15–20 minutes, and it is a lot of time for a serious aspirant. In the online mode, there are no such issue as candidates may edit their answers any number of times, provided he/she has sufficient time left in the exam. Now, answers can be changed multiple times, so again, chances of filling wrong bubbles will be eliminated.

Less scope of printing errors now:  

Now when the question paper thing is on the verge of becoming obsolete, there will be no or very less scope for printing and translation errors that unfortunately were witnessed in JEE Advanced 2017.

A time-saving test:  

The only physical effort you have to make is to make a click of a mouse and a keyboard. It is much faster than answering questions on an OMR sheet, where candidates need to fill bubbles with pen or pencil.

No Error in the Evaluation process:  

The online exam is free from all the problems of OMR sheets (in the offline mode) which are evaluated by machines. For instance, if a response is not properly marked in the OMR sheet the candidate is not awarded a mark. But here a student will only have to click the mouse.

Changing option for answers:

The candidate can change the option of the answer during the exam duration and it is one of the most important features of computer-based examination.

A colored panel to help students: 

There may be a panel on the computer screen, like in the JEE Mains, which can show all the question numbers in different colors indicating the questions answered, left un-answered or marked for review. It would be helpful for students in time management and to be flexible.


Online examination system is believed to efficiently evaluate the exam participants thoroughly through a fully automated system that not only saves time but also give fast results. Some online tests do have some advantages over the in-class ones, but some people view more disadvantages than the advantages in it. Therefore, to prepare oneself psychologically and to cope with the negative attributes of the exam beforehand, you should-

Attend one single question at a time. When you are not 100% sure of the correct answer, you can mark the question for review and come back to it after finishing the other sections.

Be prepared for the Rough Work. Suppose, if there is a complex diagram in the question. You should be prepared to roughly but carefully draw it on the given rough sheet or paper by constantly looking up and down.

Consult an eye care expert to get UV Protective Lenses. It not only protects the eyes against harmful UV light, but they also reduce glare when working at a computer.  Our eyes, as we know, are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Looking at the computer screen for 6 long hours can definitely cause strain in your eyes, which might lead to frustration and loss of concentration or focus.

Don’t worry about Power outage or failure. In case that happens, it is the responsibility of the authorities to cope with that problem, not you. There will be IT professionals or experts present at the examination centers to take care of such problems. The time lost will be duly compensated as each and every second will be recorded by the server.

A solemn advice to a sincere aspirant of JEE 2018

Without delving more into the war of words concerning the cons of the exam, a sincere and dedicated aspirant should instead try his best to effectively device strategies for the upcoming exam. You may also like to check out Important Pointers for JEE Advanced 2018 and FAQ’s for IIT JEE Advanced 2018.

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