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Quick Flower Crafts for Your Passion & Profession

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A hobby emphasizes gaining some fun and not that much on making money. But there are a few of them that can remove the monetary restriction. Gardening is a similar hobby, that can pay you well when you follow it as a profession and study it with proper courses and in a competent institute. Floriculture and Horticulture can be the two spheres for which, if you like this job, should plan right now. But, as every voyage starts with the first few steps, it will be my endeavor to encourage you towards going in this direction by telling you some lessons on the garden accessories.

Moreover, I just love kids and still more the fact that flowers and kids are a perfect combination. I never used to stay longer with kids but then I explored some beautiful things in the nature that forced me to spend some quality time with them and that is the weather. Springs are very blooming and we see happy colors and flowers everywhere. Things become even more beautiful and cherishing.

To enjoy the springs, I used to do some fun activities like “flower crafts” with the kids of my school. We made so many things for the toddlers, teen boys and girls in our school garden which are worth sharing. So, do you want to enjoy them with me and try with your kids? If yes, then follow me till the end.

  1. Falling Frames

Do not waste flowers even if they are fallen. But, what can we do with fallen flowers? Actually, you can do an amazing craft with it. Pick up the fallen flowers from the garden and place them inside a wooden or metal frame. Hang it in your house and showcase to your guests.

Let your visitors appreciate your kids!

  1. Bird Fascinator

A garden is incomplete without birds. If there are no birds in the garden you can attract them by this hack. Take a bowl filled with fresh flowers and soak them in water. You can take masculine flowers as they are more fascinating to the birds. Hang it at a high place and see the magic.

  1. Clay pots makeover

The best thing for students in their school life is painting. They just love to paint every single thing. Considering this, you can use the leftover clay pots of your storeroom and paint them well. After drying up, add any favorite flower of yours. Your kids will totally love to paint.

  1. DIY Trees

Did you know that you can DIY your trees too? Yes, I’m pretty sure about that and it is amazing. To do so, you have to take any old pot and place some vegetables like pumpkin for the unique look. Then, take any old fallen twig and insert on the pumpkin. Finish this craft using fairy lights and you are good to go. It is a perfect DIY tree for your kids to play at night.

  1. Preserved gems

When I was in school, my students loved to preserve things and we did it together and named it as “preserved gems”. I am sure you will also love it. All you have to do is pick your favorite flowers and preserve them using candle wax. Sunlight completes this process and will turn the flowers to be beautiful. It is an amazing craft for kids.

  1. Pumpkin Bloom

I think pumpkins make up the best decor and is used everywhere. Our next craft is also related to pumpkins. Dig out all the pulp from pumpkin and wash it well. Fill in with sand and pebbles then, put some fresh flowers in it just like you do in a vase. You can replace them daily for freshness. Masculine flowers will go really well with this craft.

Final Verdict

You can easily make different crafts from flowers, with your kids that will cherish every corner of your house. Such activities are liked by school going kids a lot. Try them out and thank me later.

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