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Ranking of Best Engineering Colleges in India

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Ranking of Best Engineering Colleges in India

Scope of Engineering in India

Currently, India is amid the fastest growing countries in the world. Along with the growth of the economy and the population, the country’s educational system is not lagging behind in amplification. Formed under the influence of the most developed countries, the university system of the country for a short history of life absorbed the experience of its Western counterparts. Today, Indian universities are striving to be accessible to every entrant. Due to moderate financial appetites of universities, it is quite inexpensive for a foreigner to study in India, and at the same time, the entry does not require much effort. For example, you can easily get entrance paper and buy cheap academic essay.

Entrance Exams for Engineering

Every year there are various entrance exams for all kind of people. There are JEE Main (formerly known as AIEEE), JEE Advanced (formerly known as IIT JEE), BITSAT and various state entrance exams at the state level. The existence of a large number of companies in the domestic market forms the demand for highly qualified specialists in the technology sector. For employment in a leading company in the market, it is necessary to have a quality education. It should be noted, that the most modern colleges in India have the best infrastructure, faculty, and employment opportunities for students. Read Best Engineering Colleges in Mumbai.

Entrance Exams for Engineering

Why Choose Universities In India?

Specializations to pick from

This is a country with a growing economy, so the amplification of knowledge about concurrent industries in universities is a top priority.  That’s why most of the foreign students go here. The reason is the quality educational programs in the field of technology. Indian universities are particularly well-known in the field of chemical technology, aimed at developing more economical and environmentally friendly methods by using raw materials. Computer science is a well-known field of study in India having ample scope.


Financial Accessibility

In the Asian region, Indian enlightenments are considered budgetary. Training in the best colleges of the country costs about $3,000 a year. In addition, India has rather low prices for housing and food. One-bedroom apartment in the center of the city will cost about $100-160 per month. The bill in the restaurant is about $2. Therefore, when choosing an Indian university, an international student saves and does not lose in quality of education.

The English Language is Common

The English Language is Common

As early as the twentieth century, the stewardship of India established Hindi and English as state languages. However, due to the high degree of multi-languages (in India there are more than 400 languages!), communication between states is predominantly in English. In large Indian cities, you can often find a considerable number of English-speaking residents, and in the best Indian universities, there are many English-language programs. Thus, foreign students who do not know Hindi can go without fear to study in India and do not waste time learning the local language.

Best Universities in India

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

This institute has united the hopes of various elites of India for a quality higher education. Founded in 1909, it was the initiative of a magnificent businessperson Tata Jamshedji. In view of the importance of the specialties produced by the university, since its inception, he had considerable funding. Monetary funds were formed at the expense of the public and private sectors. The sufficiency of funding allowed the university to grow to the advanced level amidst the most prestigious educational institutes in India.

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

In the middle of the 20th century, technological institutes, formed with the support of other countries within the framework of a large-scale UNESCO project, began to appear in India. IITD became the fifth in the framework of this program. Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi was founded in 1961 and soon the institute was equated with the university, which gave it complete freedom with regard to its educational programs and the entire learning process. Now, the most popular research in IITD is conducted in the field of computer science.

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

This institute was the second university in the framework of the UNESCO project: it appeared in 1958 with the assistance of the USSR. Already in 1961 IITB received the status of an institute of national importance, which speaks of the recognition of the university by the stewardship of India amidst the best ones. Many employees and graduates of IITB have been awarded prestigious awards such as the Padma Prize or the Bhatnagar Prize. The best research areas in IITB are computer science and chemical technologies.

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

This institute was created with the support of the German stewardship in 1959. Like other technological institutes, the university is famous for its high-quality enlightenment in the field of technology and natural sciences. IITM attracts a lot of foreign students. Mainly because unlike a majority of other technological institutes in India, the teaching medium is exclusively in English.

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Founded in 1959, IITK from the very beginning worked closely with famous American universities such as the California Institute of Technology, Princeton and the University of Michigan. American experience helped the institute to quickly take the best positions among the universities of India. Today, most IITK research is conducted in aerospace technologies.

At present, getting a degree in the desired specialization in India is accessible to everyone. Paying attention to its availability and quality, studying in India is obviously a substitute compared to expensive training in US or England without compromising on quality.

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