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Review: Best Online English Speaking Course

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Best English Online Learning Course

Learning English has now become extremely popular and easy. Apps that provide online courses are a great way to learn English. They are quick, fun to use, and easy to access. It is almost like being in a classroom with your teacher. The only difference is, that in apps, it’s a personal mentor.

If you’re someone who is looking out for such a platform or app then Fluent Life is the best choice for you. With private trainers and daily English classes, one is sure to achieve fluency in English.

Several students who have enrolled for it have reviewed it as the best platform to learn english for people from all walks of life. If you are still skeptical about enrolling yourself for the course, here are some reasons why it is the best online learning app and platform on the internet.

English Learning App 

Fluent Life has a number of unique features that are exclusively for the benefits of its students. It makes sure every student gets the best of everything.

  • Expert Career Consultant

They handpick the best quality trainers with rich industry experience. The student’s entire journey is guided by a personal mentor giving them a tailor-made learning experience daily. Get expert guidance from proficient English Tutors through the Online English speaking course British School of Language, which is also the Best English Speaking Course in Lucknow as well.

  • In-Depth Analysis of Interview Process

What interviewers ask vs What they really want to know is critical to excelling in an interview. Fluent Life provides a deep understanding of the interview process as well as what the common and the not so common questions are. This skill that a student gains during the learning process can be applied to any interview that he appears for in the entire span of his career.

  • Customized Curriculum

The curriculum is customized based on the student’s interview needs, career aspirations or personal growth. There are several custom courses to choose from. This is economical and even targets the perfect requirement catered to the student.

  • Recorded Mock Interviews

Practice Makes you perfect and that is 100% true when it comes to interviews. With the guidance of the personal career consultants, students will know their development areas and can work towards improving them.

English Fluency Course 

Fluent Life programs are unique, personal trainer-led and communication training programs that help the student achieve 100% of their potential in their professional, social and personal life. The curriculum works on the concept of study plan wherein the trainer creates a study plan for the students. Based on the student’s interest and improvement, the mentor changes the pace, sequence and even includes new content in their daily plans.

English Fluency Course

This personal trainer led program helps you build confidence and gain fluency by improving four fundamental aspects of communication through one to one training.

  • Language
  • English Communication
  • Self Awareness
  • Confidence

Business Communication Course 

This focused course is intended to level-up student’s Business Communication and Interpersonal Skills.

  • Business writing
  • Email Communication
  • Bespoken fluency
  • Professional profile-building
  • Persuasive communication
  • Expression of ideas

Mission Fluency Course 

This course aims to achieve 100% fluency through advanced training and limitless classes.

  • Speech
  • English Communication
  • Self-confidence
  • Cohesion

Interview Readiness Course

Personalized one-on-one expert guidance & training in Resume Writing and Interview preparation.

  • Creating the student’s personal brand
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Clarity and confidence
  • Self-awareness

Fluent Life for Companies

This course aims to transform the communication of their workforce with the most result-driven corporate program.

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Socio-cultural awareness
  • Advanced conversational English
  • Public speaking
  • Contextual vocabulary building

English learning easy

Fluent Life takes into consideration all the student’s needs and focuses on strengthening their skills. It has the best facilities to offer for its students. Here are some of it:

  • 20 One-to-one Classes per month
  • 20 Hours of Video Content
  • 100+ Practice Activities
  • 12 Months Access to Weekly Group Discussion Sessions
  • Choose any class timing between 8 am to 10 pm IST

Fluent Life has a number of highly qualified trainers for each of their students. With well-researched quality content and unlimited video lessons, they make sure to provide a smooth learning experience to every student. The one-on-one training program benefits students in every aspect.

The trainers assess the performance of their students and keep track of their progress. They help in avoiding mistakes and learning newer things like grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The entire curriculum covers an extensive range of topics like Interview core skills, resume building, building an effective brand personality are focused on in the courses. The courses have 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. With everyday interaction with the students, it helps in improving speaking skills.

In one of the student reviews, Ritu Jain said, “I experienced a lot of change in my communication skills which helped me regain the confidence in my everyday life. The personal mentors and the customised courses have helped me a lot in achieving fluency. The best part about the course were the regular discussion sessions wherein we could converse with our peers and mentors. This has given me a platform to improve my speaking skills and went a long way in building my confidence. I have recommended Fluent Life to many of my family members and friends.” Check out more reviews here.


Learning a language is always fun but what makes it more enjoyable is when you can learn it without leaving the comforts of your house. With every need taken care of and some amazing courses curated for English learners, Fluent Life is all set to make several peoples’ dreams come true.

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