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Redefining the way we learn

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  1. Persistent questioning and healthy inquisitiveness are the first requisites for acquiring learning of any kind.

M k Gandhi

We, as an individual of numerous capabilities is a union of body and consciousness.

According to indian philosophy, the cosmic presence in our body marks our existence, or in other words, the soul is the individual,not the body. The conscious mind generate countless thoughts which pave paths towards learning.

Being an entity of so called modern society, which considers a bright kid is tb one who could blabber out the lessons by heart with an expertise and agility which would give Eminem a sure run for money.

The evolution of spoon feeding of knowledge becoming a common practice in our society has really diminished the quality of learning in our country.

The time is ripe for us to rethink the way we teach, and the way they learn.

The humans are a social being , hence they are constantly influenced by the surroundings , the people etc. The gift of five senses (or perhaps fewer, for some stronger minds) through which we could interact with the world, becomes our first teacher.

Hence the pupil needs to be left free to explore, to understand, and more importantly to learn about the world in which they live, without any inhibitions.

Monotony is death. The lack of creativity in the work we do will cause gradual loss of interest towards the learning process. Hence to make it more interesting we should necessarily spice it up.

Avoiding long hours of dwelling on books with hunched back and fiery goggles is never ever gonna make you a think tank.Something creative or a fresh challenge of learning creates a sense of zeal in you, which 2oild gracefully drive the rest of the learning process smoothly.

Honesty may not be the best policy in all cases but it surely does miracle once you adopt into your learning style. Accept your mistake if you feel that you do benefit a little from your current learning methods. Just do learn from it and change accordingly.

Changing perspectives, the variety of viewing angles of a particular thing would open up myriad of other possibilities and questions. Finding the right balance between both would ensure an effective learning procedure.

Keep the lamp burning. It is equally important to remain motivated all the time. We should try to be calm and patient till we could witness noticeable changes . If the attempt fails that time. Give yourself a pat , convince yourself that first lesson is to learn to be patient, and move on

Learning is a process of self satisfaction and self benefitting which ,if adopted new possible changes, would improve the next budding generation and would make the future of our nation, promising.

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