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Relevance of GK in MBA Entrance Examinations

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A lot of MBA Entrance Examinations like XAT, CMAT, IIFT, SNAP, and MAT have a separate section on General Knowledge or General Awareness. The section can be further divided into sub-sections such as Static and Current. Furthermore, Static GK consists of various topics that do not change over time. This is why GK’s relevance becomes so much important.

General Knowledge is a section that seems to be feared by a lot of aspirants, but on a parallel note, when a candidate emerges perfect in this section, he has the chance to stand apart from the rest of the candidates in terms of the competitiveness.

The relevance of GK is not only important from an examination point of view, it is important at the interview stage as well. So here is a detail on what the candidates should expect in the General Knowledge section. You may also like to read this article on General Awareness.

Importance of the GK Section

Owing to the nature of General Knowledge/Awareness sections, GK can assure:

  1. 100% Accuracy
  2. Efficiency of Time
  3. High Scores

The Questions from the general knowledge section provide better accuracy to the candidates. Therefore, if a candidate knows an answer to the general knowledge questions, there is little scope for confusion. General knowledge section is time-efficient thereby giving very less scope for wasting time on a particular question. Further to this, the GK section doesn’t involve any calculation and analysis.

The proportion of static GK questions with respect to the total count of questions varies considerably across various exams. Examiners, as per their perspectives, keep changing the mix of static and current GK questions.

Also, talking in terms of the level of difficulty, GK Section varies across various examinations. The candidate should prepare for the General Knowledge section as per the exams they may target.

Sub-topics questioned in the Static GK Section

  • Indian and World History; Indian History specifically after the 1857 revolt.
  • General Questions from Geographical features about India and the world.
  • Economy: Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Indian and the World Economy with a special focus on India’s macroeconomic factors.
  • Questions regarding corporate logos and identities
  • Indian political system and the Constitution: Questions on the working of the Indian Political system and the Constitution of India
  • Organizations: World Organizations like WTO, IMF, and WB
  • Political Groups like UN, ASEAN, SAARC
  • Questions from Physics, Chemistry, Technologies on IT, Space, Biotechnology
  • Questions on Awards and Honors, Books and Authors, International Dates

Common problems faced by the aspirants

  • Prepare: General Knowledge/Awareness is a limitless topic and may intimidate the number of topics that you would need to cover. Therefore, the common topics which are asked vary from exam to exam.
  • Information: There is always a lot to know in terms of organizing and assimilating all that information. Preparation with such humongous information is not easy.
  • Understand the scope of learning: The candidates should know and understand the scope of learning in detail in order to do well in the MBA Entrance Examination.

SNAP Examination was conducted on December 17, 2017, and the CMAT Exam would be conducted on January 28, 2018. Both of these exams have a GK section. Keep all the above factors in mind and ace the upcoming tests. Check out Comprehensive List of MBA Entrance Exams You can Appear for. All the best!

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