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“Reputation is all a University live for, even if a life and justice is at stake”

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mental trauma of a student.

There’s a saying “All that glitters is not gold”.

A few days back,while scrolling the mouse over the homepage of my facebook account,I found a post about a Pakistani women Wajiha Arooj and injustice
she suffered.She was studying in a well known university.

Her university mistakenly marked her absent for one of her examinations and she was told she had failed.The news of Ms Arooj’s alleged absence reached her family
and her relatives including friends.
“Even my mother looked at me in a strange way, with doubt in her eyes,” she said.
She took action against the university in the Lahore High Court.But,fearing its future impact on her life, her parents tied her up with her husband and
she moved overseas leaving the dream to join Pakistan Civil Services.She has finally won a 17-year legal battle over a university error but had to sacrifice her career.

The saddest part is that the University never apologised her fearing a lose in its reputation and it still reserves the right to challenge the appeal court’s

Hi guyz..I am going to be a little brief about my ink’s topic “Reputation is all a University live for, even if a life and justice is at stake”.

Its very wierd to find that people find prestige and reputation more important than livng humans.
Not all,but some universities go after sucess and not excellence.

“Reputation is important but not the most important.If it is,then its making our lives stand on a quicksand”.As there is no such memorial that have ever stood
upon lies and injustice.

Ragging is one of the major incident that causes mishappenings in university.Without supporting the victim and its family,University compromises with them to save its
reputation.Even if a murder takes place inside a premises,it is given the name of suicide or accident.No one thinks of the justice to the deserving.
As said by a victim of ragging in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University , anti-ragging committee didnt take any action even after his complaint against seniors
who used to beat him everyday.
Bad and brutal politics is also a field where university negligence and tendency to preserve its false social prestige have led to hazards.

Private institutes are leading ahead in this race.These institutes want to showcase their sucess that may have been achieved by
deflating dreams of their own students.I think nothing is as precious as life.And justice is something like birthright.
So,these institutes must think about the blooming careers of their students for a time before actions.

If the university of that pakistani girl would have not feared of saving its reputation and have checked and corrected Wajiha’s presence in the paper,
she might not have to crush her desires and I might have been writing an essay on a “how it feel for a woman to be in Pakistani Civil services”.

Now,why am i telling u people about it.We are the upcoming cells of institutional body.I would like to say the readers to think before you act, as actions sometimes
speak so much louder than words that it may shut a blooming blossom.

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