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Research Paper Preparation – What Not To Do

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Preparations for research paper writing are crucial. No one will be happy to turn in a research paper with a lot of mistakes and errors. Most students hire paper writer service providers to deliver the perfect research paper. Students believe these professionals can address all the challenges that come with research paper preparation.

Most research papers get rejected because of simple mistakes the writer could easily avoid. Weeks and months of hard work and sleepless nights become ruined.  The tips below are what students should avoid when preparing a research paper. Check tips on how to write an A+ research paper.

Know when and when not to use Quotes

Depending on the nature of the paper you are writing, direct quotes might not be relevant. Direct quotes might be a good fit when the papers you are writing are related to current events, history, literature, and some other fields. Quotes are irrelevant in scientific papers.

Direct quotes are unacceptable in scholarly technical papers. In fact, graders find them disturbing.


  • Do not use direct quotes when writing a scholarly technical paper. Try to express your own thoughts instead, as that’s what the grader wants to see.

Take Time to proofread

Research papers must never be written in a hurry, doing such may cost students. Students need to start work early to have more time to proofread. Incomplete sentences, wrong spellings, redundant phrases and other grammar mistakes give a negative impression of the writer.

Students that make use of online writing services usually don’t have much problem with proofreading for errors.  Papers are being checked manually and with premium software to detect any form of mistakes. The software does not only detect errors but makes suggestions for the right word or sentence that will fit in well.

Students must ensure papers are checked properly with software or manually before submission. After printing, check if the tables exceed one page, or if the pages are not in the right order.

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Use Proper Verb Tense

A Research paper with verb tense that is wrong can be confusing to read. It is an indication that the writer has poor writing skills. The reader may find it challenging to determine the known-facts as well as new discoveries made in the main study which is the subject of the research paper.

Though using the right verb tense is not a problem for professionals that offer custom writing services, it is important for students to scrutinize every paper they receive to avert any costly mistake.


Past tense is used to describe things that have taken place. The events in question include procedures the student have conducted including results that were observed.  However present tense is used when describing facts that are generally accepted.



One of the reasons for preparing a research paper is to summarize a study, so students do not need to add all the information they find. Any information added must be relevant and straight to the point.

Avoid the use of unnecessary background. It is ideal to state a fact or describe a mechanism but do so to interpret the results and make them clearer. Writing everything you know is a waste of time. Include only relevant information in your work and add a reference to the source of the background information provided.

Research paper preparation is easy, only if the student knows the actual thing to do. Everyone would like to have a perfectly written paper that people would love to read. Most students choose writing service providers for their work to have the best quality. However, with the tips in this post, preparing a research paper without mistakes is possible. Also read how to write a stellar dissertation.

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English language teacher, passionate blogger. Love communication with all its features and problems. write my personal education blog with tips on academic writing. less

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