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Resonance JEE Mains/Advanced Results 2017

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Resonance has been providing quality results since inception, thanks to the hard work and dedication put by their team. It started in the year 2001, primarily as an IIT-JEE coaching institute when 161 students qualified IIT-JEE and 2 ranks were there in the top 100. 312 and 355 students made Resonance proud by qualifying the same exam in 2004 & 2005 respectively. This number more or less, doubled to 710 in 2006 showing a phenomenal growth of Resonance in IIT-JEE arena. There were 883 selections (IIT-JEE) in 2007 with 6 students being in top 100 which once again kind-of doubled to 1652 selections in 2010. With the success story continuing, 17 Resonance students were in top 100 and there were 1,813 selections in IIT-JEE and 9,283 selections in AIEEE in 2011.

In 2012, Resonance helped 3,206 and 12,078 students to crack JEE Advanced & JEE Mains respectively. These number increased to 3,003 (JEE Advanced) & 15,240 (JEE Mains) in 2013. Having the attitude of never looking back, a whopping number of 22,174 students made Resonance proud in 2014, out of which 4,105 students cracked JEE Advanced and remaining 18,069 students cracked JEE Mains. In 2015, there were 4,124 selections in JEE Advanced and 25,542 selections in JEE Mains. Beating its own record, 5,111 Resonance students cracked JEE Advanced and 28,090 students cracked JEE Mains in 2016.

Let’s have a look at the selections from Resonance in various categories till date:


Students selected till date

JEE Mains1,61,459
JEE Advanced34,544

Resonance got 2 of its aspirants in top 10 and 20 aspirants in the top 100 list in JEE Mains. Coming to JEE Advanced, 18 aspirants were there in the list of top 100 and a total of 6,241 students cleared it.


Students who made it to Top 10, Top 100 and Total Selection in 2017

20 JEE Mains aspirants made it to Top 100

18 JEE Advanced aspirants made it to Top 100

Total Qualified Students in 2017

EE Mains: 24,519

JEE Advanced: 6,241



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