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All Resources You Need to Win CPT in One Month with Ease

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Ace CPT in One Month

CPT exam is considered one of the toughest competitive exams in India. And if you have only one month left for the exam, The most obvious question that comes to mind is ” How to Prepare for CPT in One Month”?

Success is for sure for everybody willing to put everything in this last month. All they need to do is to utilize all the resources in hand. With all the resources I mean ICAI modules, CPT notes, and Practice Papers. We all have access to these resources but most of us could not utilize them up to the right extent especially when only one month is left in the exam. Check out the Top coachings for C.A.

So in the last month, you have to dedicate yourself completely to CPT examination. Prepare a study timetable, divide your complete course into segments and make daily goals. Eventually, your goal is not too big to achieve. Rome was not build in a day and therefore you need to build one building at a time and you will see it all done in the end.

Most of the students who clear CPT examination are not different but they planned and executed everything perfectly. All of them follow a balanced schedule including fixed hours of self-study apart from other activities of daily life and each one of them has their own preparation plans, winning strategies. But all of them have one thing in common. They all practice more and more test papers especially during the last month, analyze their shortcomings and work on those.

So here we are giving you the last weapon you need in your arsenal to win CPT in one month with ease.

CPT Practice Test Papers

If you want to fight and win CPT battle you must practice more and more CPT practice papers. ICAI releases online and organizes offline CPT mock test papers on their ICAI centers. Solving these papers actually will help you finding and testing your current study and most importantly it will let you know what are your weak areas?, Where you need to invest your time in and What would be the examination pattern?, Which topics have more marks weightage? etc.

Online Resources for CPT Preparation in Last Month?

ICAI CPT Mock Test Papers

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) provides online model test papers for CA CPT preparation on the official website. One must solve these papers at least once before the exam for sure success. You can directly download them.

ICAI CPT Model Test Papers

Institute also provides model test papers to the students for better understanding of the CPT  exam pattern.

Online Test Papers

Various online test series are made available in the last month before the exam for CPT students by various online platforms for free. These papers are specially designed in accordance with the upcoming CPT attempt. Some institute also provides free online test papers to the student.

So practice these papers and you will feel the difference by yourself.

These are all the resources a CPT warriors need to clear Chartered Accountants Entrance exam in one month. Read 5 Top Paying Jobs and Careers in India.

All the best to all of you!

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