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Right Way to Make A Job Search While Pursuing Your Academics

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Searching for academic job

Everyone’s had a vision of himself/herself, while growing up, in a job, making lots of money. You are encouraged to go to school and work hard. And as a result of that hard work, you will get your dream job and start earning big bucks. But then you get through college and find that it’s a whole different ball-game. You went as far as college and still find it difficult to lock-in a well-paying full-time position.

Unfortunately, while education demands for jobs are increasing so is the demand for work experience. You’ll find that lack of experience is a major factor that has led your inability to score a good job. This results for you, to make a job search, an uphill task!

Below are some ways suggested by Wonderlic Test Prep to make the process easier.

Experience the Work

Today, in addition to requiring a post-secondary education many jobs are looking for people with working experience. So, while you study it is important to try and get a job while you are on break from school. Or, it can also be followed while attending the college, if you can. This will increase your marketability and help you to secure the job that you want in the tough job market.

Some of the IT jobs that will be most in demand in 2020

Until you get your first degree and have obtained some working experience, you may see that your job requires more. Sometimes, being proficient in another language, computer programs, and software skills, or even customer service techniques could give you the boost you need to land that top-notch job.

Only Degree is not enough

In this fast-paced digital world, in order to become more attractive to potential employers, you have to be well-rounded. The days of getting a good job with just a first-class degree are long gone. Compliment your degree with up-to-date certifications related to your field. As the industry continues to evolve, so should you. But don’t be afraid to venture out and try other things. On failing in keeping up with the changing job market, you will find hard to land a good job.

Bring and Maintain the Balance

While you could be focusing on being highly qualified, you could end up applying for jobs that you are overqualified for. A lot of us fall into this trap at one point of time or the other. This can be a very frustrating spot to be in. Imagine seeing a massive surge of job openings and taking the time to apply for several of these openings.

A lot of times, we get rejected for a job because we are overqualified and don’t know it. Many companies will overlook someone who is “too qualified” for a specific position because of salary expectations. Pay close attention to the requirements of your job. Also, try to find jobs that require most of your skills and certifications. So, if you have 6 academic certifications and a job position requires only one, you are likely overqualified. Make sure there is a balance and look for jobs that match your skills and qualifications and experience.

percentage of literacy by age and sex of the Indian youth aged 15 years and above

Look out for New Venues

Sometimes, unfortunately, we end up in a field that is oversaturated. This simply means there are too many workers and too little jobs available. Before you choose your career, do some research to see if it is a profitable choice and sustainable. If you are already studying or you’ve already finished your degree, you can still research what certifications you can complete supplementing what you have. While the time never gets wasted when it comes to learning something new, getting caught in an oversaturated field can cause you to stress about time and resources that have been used up pursuing a dead-end career path.

It can be very stressful when searching for the right job after you have completed your studies. So, it is important to be sure about what you want and to always do your research to avoid all of it.

Article provided by Wonderlic Test Prep

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