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Scoring High in SSC Prelim 2020 – the Current Affairs Section

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The SSC prelim aspirants are preparing for their upcoming attempt by focusing on the syllabus of the exam. This is because the syllabus is quite large. It requires dedication and the right strategy to score well and to clear the prelims. The current affairs section in the prelims is a very important section that needs to be strategized. It will help you in scoring good in the current affair section. Moreover, it will help you with other sections of paper one related to general studies.

Generally, every person is required to be aware of what is happening in their country and globally. The SSC prelim exam particularly tests the aspirant’s knowledge on the sphere of current affairs. It tests the aspirants’ information of the national and international news and general knowledge through questions on the current news. The weight of this section is also high which means that this section should not be ignored. It must be tackled by making a proper strategy to manage the time better. Thus, the aspirants will be able to practice all the sections. They will be able to manage time to go through the current news daily. Here are some important tips that will help the aspirants to score good marks in the current affairs section.

Start Reading the Newspaper Daily

This can seem to be a time taking task. Still, you’ll need to plan to manage to read the newspaper instead to go into each article in detail. You have to learn how to skim through the newspaper. You’ll require this to go through all the important details while also consuming less of your time. So, start by reading the newspaper for 2 hours daily. Also, try taking notes of important information as quickly as possible. Make it a habit within the first 15 days. Later, you can start reducing your reading time once you are well aware of the newspaper reading. Your target should be to minimize your time to half an hour within a month.

Read Weekly News Capsules

On the date, there are many good websites which provide you a weekly capsule of the important news. Hence, engage in this exercise. Moreover, you can search such website and make short notes of the important information. This will help you to revise your news and will also help in getting the data at one place instead of a scattered set of information.

Always Revise Periodically

Everyone knows their retention capability while some have a retention capability of remembering everything they have read for a lifetime. Still, there are some more have to go through the notes prepared periodically to revise what they have learned. It is important that you revise all the important information periodically. Also, your newspaper reading time must be reduced through news skimming. Moreover, you should also take time to practice what you have read earlier. The revision should also be periodical. For example, every week you should revise all the important news you have learned about that week. Then, it should be continued to fortnightly and then to a monthly basis.

Do Not Push the Current Affairs for the Last Minute 

You won’t be able to manage such a large set of information in the last few days of your preparation. You must practice the current affairs daily this will help you to manage your last-minute time only to make revisions for all the important topics of the exam and will further help you to give more time to the subjects which are your weak points and to take less time of the current affairs.

Be Confident in What You Have Learned

As sometimes the options seem to confuse you as while reading the newspaper you must have heard of all names which are given in the option this creates confusion. It is very important that you must be confident enough about what you have read and understood.

Now, this alone would give you a good enough preparation feel. However, we would suggest that you take it a step further and make sure that you are updated with all the knowledge regarding the exam with the help of an SSC discussion page on a website like Pagalguy to ensure that you are not falling behind on any recent changes in the exam.

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