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Security As A Career Option

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Quickly coming up in the calendar is that special event you have been planning for months. All the finishing touches for the event are coming together perfectly. You know that attendees are going to have a great time, but an important item that could easily get missed, and is imperative to having your event run smoothly, and protecting the guests’ safety is security, in particular, security guards.

The term security guard is a person who works for a security company to watch over hiring companies’ assets, such as property, people, equipment, and money from a range of trouble by implementing security measures. Security guards protect by keeping a visible presence to discourage criminal or inappropriate activities. Security guards address concerns and enforce crowd control. Dependant on the size of your event, or if alcohol is available, and the type of event (i.e., Wedding, concert), you might need several guards to keep the peace and safety.

A general rule for events is one security guard per 75 people. Some guidelines for budgeting the security you will need at your event are if serving alcohol? One guard per 75 people, plus security at gates, assets, and exits. No Alcohol? One guard 100 to 150 people, plus gates, assets, and exits.

Small to Medium Events

For a smaller event with approximately 50 people, the number of guards needed will depend on if the event is happening in an open spot, and if alcohol is involved. The fact of the matter is, as the event organizer, you will be too busy to be able to watch over attendees. An outside event may require several guards tp control entry and exits.

Medium to Large Events

A large events mean a greater number of people and more chances for something to get out of control. Sometimes the event space is not big enough for the number of people. A small space, where people are bumping into each other, plus adding alcohol spilled, this could cause some trouble. You do not want to pinch on having the proper security measures. Security guards monitor the entrances and exits, control crowds, and stop situations that become tense.

A security company can offer you guidance on what type of guard you want as security at your event. For example, a high profile event, with pricey assets being displayed, or celebrities in attendance might require armed personnel. Whereas, a smaller event with no high-value items might require unarmed security guards attendance.

How do you know what type of security you may need at your event? Here are some different categories of activities security guards provide:

Door supervisor – important for events that are licensed and serving alcohol

Close protection – guard individuals against attacks or injuries caused by others

Public space surveillance – a guard monitors the public or uses cameras to identify a particular person or group amongst event participants

Locations of events are varied, and the need for different types of security depends on the jobs you need your security guards to do. Here are some examples of events and the security personnel that is needed:

  • Concert with alcohol – you would need guards to supervise the door and exits
  • Public protest – guards with surveillance experience, and conflict resolution and physical mediation would be needed
  • Sporting events – door supervisors if alcohol is being served would be required

Security guards are trained regularly in three areas:

  1. Internal Training – this training gets guards prepared for the contractor’s policies and procedures. This kind of training is not specific. Training includes expectations, human resources, and disciplinary procedures.
  2. Certifications – basic firefighting, first aid, CPR, firearm qualifications, and bloodborne medicine
  3. On the job training – this training provides guards with the information needed to do their job. Topics for on the job training include technical equipment, hazmat, emergency procedures, rules and conduct, and facility layout plan.

Final Thoughts

The above situations are things to consider when you need to hire security guards for your event. In doing so, you will safeguard event attendees and have quality protection. Event security must follow laws and regulations. While you might be an expert in events and planning, it is unlikely that you are knowledgeable in the legislation for security for all types of events. It is essential to use a reputable security company who are experts in their field. Having proper security measures in operation only enhances your event and helps you in knowing people attending your events are safe. Choosing the correct security company and the correct number of security guards is important to guard your event.

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