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Security Engineer Job Role and Responsibility

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Security, it is a simple word that has deep meaning. It is something that we all need by some means. It could be for our houses, for other assets or it could be for us. We do take some steps to ensure the security of our stuff. The way we keep a security guard to safeguard our houses the same way we keep digital security guards to secure our digital assets. Talking about digital assets, we are in an era where we saw the revolution in how we do things is totally changed from how we used to do things back then. We are using cloud services to create backups of our data and to keep it safe from getting stolen as well. We all are using face book and twitter for over a decade now and that is the best example to understand a cloud and its services. We put anything online and even after years, it is still the same it was.

For the safety of our assets online, we can do one basic thing that is getting aware of cyber security because we are the only ones to secure our things. For the data and information of our organizations we do hire a security engineer. He is the one who takes care of all the things involving cloud or anything related to internet.

What is a Security Engineer

Any organization in the world that does any business that is based on internet is always at a risk of cyber attacks. There is always a threat to your data related to the work you do. A security engineer is the person who makes sure that your data is safe. He is the one who protects your data from getting theft.

Job Role and Responsibility

Security engineers are basically the guards that secure your digital assets. They put your data at a place that is not reachable for hackers or at least very hard to. They are the ones responsible for the security of your computer networks. They spread the awareness of cyber security in your organization that makes sure none of your employee becomes partner in crime for the hacker. Roles and responsibilities of a security engineer cannot be counted on fingertips if we talk about that, Some of them are stated below.


The first and the most important role of a security engineer is to be a good analyst. Being a good analyst would help him understanding the information he needs to save. It is the most important thing in security engineer’s job.  If he knows the kind of information is to be saved. He knows what kind of threats it is going to face and plans accordingly.


Another important part of security engineer’s job is to test the existing system. Knowing the information is an important thing but knowing what the vulnerabilities are in the existing system is another very important thing as well.  A security engineer runs some tests on the current system to find out about loopholes. This is called pen testing. In this, security engineers try to hack into the system.

Strategy Maker

A security engineer is the one who makes security strategies for the system. For that he needs to identify all the potential threats our system can face. It helps him in the design of defensive system that is best suited for us.


He is the one who develops that security system or makes a team to develop it for him under his supervision. After analyzing the system, pen testing it for loopholes and making strategy this is finally the phase of implementation. The security system is installed by him.

These are some of the responsibilities that he has in the long term. A security engineer needs to be well qualified as well. He should have done his masters in IT and some information security certification courses that give a quick boost to his career. Big organizations put that in requirement for the job now that the candidate must have some certifications as well. Talking about responsibilities of security engineer, there are some responsibilities of a security engineer that he does on daily basis, such as.

  • He checks everything thoroughly and looks for anything suspicious like if there is any kind of intrusion.
  • He checks all the security systems everyday to make sure everything is intact.
  • He is the one who provides access to the authorized people of the company so he makes sure everyone gets to the right place.
  • He goes through all the data to know if there has been any change authorized or unauthorized and then he takes the necessary security measures for that. Going through the data gives him the idea about information he needs to protect so he does things according to that.
  • He keeps a check on every new thing that comes in the cyber world. Any new malware or virus that can possibly harm the system.  This helps him in building the defensive mechanism against these viruses.
  • He reviews his own defensive strategies just to know if there is something that needs change.
  • Security team reports him about everything and he assigns them the routine tasks.
  • He makes reports about the system’s current status and provides that to the CEO or the person he reports to.

Being an IT specialist or a security engineer is a very tough to crack. A security engineer is not supposed to know about security only but he needs to have knowledge about computer systems and network protocols as well. He needs to have leadership skills to motivate his team and to motivate the employees of the company. As we know, if employees of the company work with their eyes open and do not make silly little mistakes there will be 50% lesser chance of a cyber attack. He motivates employees to grow their knowledge about how to create a safer work environment and makes them learn information security from InfoSec Academy that is for the betterment of the workplace.

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