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Selected Books and Coaching Institutes for IIT JAM-2018

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Next year, like any other year, IIT JAM exam will be conducted in the 3rd week of February. Therefore, you have sufficient time to prepare for one of the toughest exams of India. But, to get a good rank, you need to seriously plan your preparation. To embark on a journey of getting a good rank you have to take care of three major aspects:

  • Effective preparation strategy
  • Selecting good coaching
  • Selecting ideal books
  • Going through previous years papers

The first step for beginning preparation is to know the syllabus and the exam pattern for IIT JAM. The other thing is to be aware of the marking schemes of the JAM exam. Making notes of all important topics for last time revision can greatly help you to succeed.

Selected books

The market is filled with numerous books for IIT JAM preparation. The IIT JAM aspirants need the IIT JAM Preparation books for-

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

For (IIT JAM) Physics-

  1.  Intro to Quantum Mechanics by David Griffith
  2. Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Application by Nouredine Zettili
  3. Quantum Mechanics (Schaum’s Outline Series) by Yoav Peleg, Reuven Pnini, Elyahu Zaarur, Eugene Hecht
  4. Introduction to Solid State Physics by Charles Kittel
  5. Elementary Solid State Physics by Omar
  6. Solid State Physics by S. O. Pillai
  7. Statistical Physics by Reif
  8. Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering by Riley, Hobson, Bence
  9. Mathematical Methods for Physicists by Arfken
  10. Classical Mechanics by Herbert Goldstein
  11. Classical Mechanics by John R. Taylor
  12. Introduction to Classical Mechanics: With Problems and Solutions by David Morin
  13. Heat and Thermodynamics  by Mark Zemansky
  14. Thermodynamics Kinetic Theory and Statistical Thermodynamics by F.W. Sears, G.L. Salinger
  15. Optics Ghatak
  16. A Text Book of Optics by Brijlal and Subhramanyam
  17. Introduction to Electrodynamic by Griffith
  18. Electronic Devices and Circuit by Boylestad/Nashelsky
  19. Nuclear Fission and Cluster Radioactivity: An Energy-Density Functional Approach M.A. Hooshyar, Irwin Reichstein, F. Bary Malik
  20. Nuclear Physics by V. Devanathan
  21. Atomic and Molecular Physics by Raj Kumar

For (IIT JAM) Chemistry-

Topics-wise books for IIT JAM chemistry preparation:


  1. Atomic and Molecular Structure: Physical Chemistry by Peter W. Atkins
  2. Theory of Gases: Physical Chemistry by Peter W. Atkins
  3. Chemical Thermodynamics: Physical Chemistry– Thomas Engel & Phillip Reid
  4. Chemical and Phase Equilibria: Principals of Chemical Equilibrium & Phase Rule– G. Denbigh
  5. Electrochemistry: An Introduction to Electrochemistry by Samuel Glasstone
  6. Chemical KKinetics: Chemical Kinetics  by Keith J. Laidler
  7. Solid State: Solid State– Peter W. Atkins
  8. Adsorption : Introduction to Surface Chemistry & Catalysis  by  Gabor A. Somorjai
  9. Basic Mathematical Concept : Differential Equation & Matrices by Shanti Naraya



  1. Periodic Table: Concise Inorganic Chemistry– by D. Lee
  2. Chemical Bonding and Shapes of compounds: Inorganic Chemistry by  Meissler & Tarr
  3. Main Group Elements (s and p blocks): Concise Inorganic Chemistry by D. Lee
  4. Transition Metal (d block): Concise Inorganic Chemistry by  James E. Huheey
  5. Analytical Chemistry: Quantitative Inorganic Analysis  by I. Vogel
  6. Bioinorganic Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry  by James E. Huheey
  7. Instrumental Method of Analysis: Instrumental method by Skoog, Holler & Crouch


  1. Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry: Stereochemistry Conformation and Mechanism by S. Kalsi
  2. Organic Reaction Mechanism and Synthetic Applications
  3. Organic Chemistry- Clayden, Greeves, Warner and WothersOrganic Chemistry by Carey & Sundberg
  4. Natural Products Chemistry: Organic Chemistry (Vol-II)- by  L. Finar
  5. Heterocyclic Chemistry: Organic Chemistry (Vol-I)– by L. Finar
  6. Qualitative organic Analysis: Introduction to Spectroscopy by Pavia, Lampman, Kriz, Vyvyan.

(If you fail to find them in your nearest market then you can find them on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.)

For Mathematics-

 Topics-Functions of One Variable/Functions of Two Real Variables

  1.  Mathematical Analysis by S.C. Malik
  2. Mathematical Analysis by Apostol
  3. Principle of Mathematical Analysis by Rudi
  4. Topics-Integral Calculus
  5. Mathematical Analysis by H.C. Malik
  6.  Calculus by Thomas & Finny
  7.  Integral Calculus by Gorakh Prasad

Topic-Differential Equations

  1. Ordinary Differential Equations by Earl.A.Coddington
  2.  Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems by Boyce-Diprima
  3.  Ordinary Differential Equation by Peter J. Collins,  G.F. Simmons,  M.D. Raisinghania

 Topic-Vector Calculus

  1. Geometry & Vectors by Vasishtha
  2. Calculus by Thomas & Finny

Topic-Linear Algebra

  1. Schaum’s  Series
  2. Gilbert Strang by Linear Algebra & its applications
  3. Modern Algebra by A.R. Vasishtha
  4. University Algebra by N.S. Gopalakrishnan

Topic-Real Analysis

Real Analysis by H. L. Royden

Some of the best classes for IIT JAM are offered by the below coaching institutions (in no particular order)

  • Made Easy
  • Brilliant Tutorial
  • IES Academy
  • VPM Classes
  • Trajectory Education
  • Aryan Classes
  • Pie Education
  • Future Planet
  • Fiziks

With every passing year, cracking IIT JAM is becoming difficult  as more and more students are getting acquainted with the exam. Hence following the right books and joining a good coaching can fill the gaps that you might have developed due to lack of good teachers in your undergraduate years.

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