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Should Children Be Taught Cursive Writing?

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Did you know that your handwriting represents more than just a written message jotted down? It’s believed that your personality may be revealed through your writing, be it cursive, straight or print. There is a whole science, by the name of Graphology, which stands by this argument. In Graphology, your handwriting can be analyzed to give a detailed description of your personality traits. This science is quite interesting. This is because it puts the reason(s) behind an analogy that we encounter every day in our lives.

Well, whether you work as a chemistry and physics tutor castle hill or anywhere else, I guarantee that you would want to know what your handwriting says about you. There are several different writing styles taught at schools, but today, we shall focus on the cursive writing style.

What is Cursive Writing style?

You may have probably come across this particular style of writing but might not have known the name. Have you ever watched an old movie and came across a character jotting down a letter with a feather pen? The writing is one beautiful, flowy pattern with all the letters connected. That is what we call a cursive writing style.

In simple terms, these styles entail the connection of all the letters in each word in that sentence. It’s also known as script or longhand writing style.

Should The Younger Generation Be Taught This Art?

We strongly believe that this writing style should be taught to children, and below are the reasons why:

1.     It’s An Attractive Writing Style And Easy To Grasp

Most kids develop an interest in holding a pen to write around the ages of 3 to 4. At this age, they have an established ability to speak. Moreover, the next thing to follow is to put down this speaking ability in writing. Most kindergarten teachers use the cursive style to teach them how to write the alphabets. This style is easy to grasp because of its flowy nature, where the letters are connected. This connectivity creates a pattern that a child’s mind can understand and remember easily. Besides its memorability, this style also looks good on paper.

2.     It’s a Fast Style To Write With

If you were to time two candidates; one using cursive style and the other block style, you will realize that the cursive style writer writes at a faster pace. This pace is due to the fact that the letters are connected, which results in one writing a word faster since they don’t waste time lifting the pen. A child that has mastered this art then undeniably writes more quickly as compared to one who has not.

3.     Helps Dyslexic Children Learn Better

This condition, which renders a child incapable of properly comprehending letters and numbers, can be curbed by the use of this writing style. The cursive writing style, in its simplicity, has been known to improve hand-eye coordination, improve excellent motor skills, and increase the memory of the child. All of these traits do help a child learn better without feeling unworthy or incompetent.

Arguments Against Cursive Writing

Arguing against cursive writing, some say that it is no longer crucial. The reason they propose for this is that the writing style isn’t covered by the Common Core State Standards. But they forget that this core only includes the skills that are measurable and testable within the classroom. These standards don’t test the foundation abilities, like handwriting or still even, spelling.


Very importantly, we encourage parents and teachers to teach young minds to adopt cursive writing as it gives good results. This style of writing is not only limited to be taught to children learning alphabets and numbers but can be shown even to a chemistry and physics tutor castle hill.

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