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Should You Hire Managers to Help Run Your Marketing Team?

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For every company, marketing remains a complex component that involves several strategies and implementation of plans on different platforms. It involves different strategies aimed at improving visibility, establishing a brand presence, engaging prospects, and increasing revenues. Despite this, most business owners are doubtful of hiring managers to run their marketing teams.

For your brand to stay ahead of the game and stand out from your competition, you ought to invest both time and money into marketing. Whereas a good marketing strategy is a sure way of helping the business grow and enjoy success, nothing is guaranteed without good management.

You should keep in mind that modern marketing is expansive and incorporates both digital marketing and traditional offline marketing strategies. Usually, business owners have limited time to learn different marketing techniques. Similarly, they find themselves struggling to understand how well to implement them on their strategy, for the same reason.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can go to any marketing manager. There are several things to consider when hiring a manager. Ensure that you employ the services of a manager with the following features.

  • Firstly, he/she should be ready to take the initiative at the drop of the hat
  • Secondly, he/she must be creative
  • Then, he/she also needs to score really good on the sphere of communication
  • Next, he/she also need to be a social media savvy
  • And finally, he/she must be an expert and professional

That said, below are some of the reasons why hiring a manager can help run your marketing team must be considered prudent.

They Easily Navigate Complex Modern Marketing Techniques

As mentioned above, modern marketing techniques include various methodologies, skills, tools, and platforms. For this reason, marketers work in teams to implement them. A team should include professionals with a different set of skills and qualifications that can handle various tasks. Even tools that handle complex tasks like described in my review of Buzzsumo, it still helps to have someone be able to report and synthesize it for you and make wise decisions without you directly directing them. Consequently, having a manager will make coordination between the various complex techniques among the marketing team easy.

Just to mention, a simple marketing strategy should include the following aspects.

  • Firstly, establishing your potential audience
  • Secondly, the branding for the audience
  • Then, creating and promoting the brand website
  • Next, creating and running social media profiles
  • Then, establishing a brand presence
  • Then, the content creation
  • Next, creating Ads
  • And finally, designing graphics and creating collaterals

It must be remembered that all the above steps require people with different skills set. Therefore, even with a team in place, there is a need to hire a professional to oversee all the processes.

They Help Create Content that Establishes Industry Authority

Currently, content is a vital aspect of modern marketing strategy as it can help establish industry authority, engage customers, distribute product information and services and catch the attention of search engines with keywords. With that, the internet is overly saturated with a lot of content, making readers to be selective on what they read. That said, creating generic content isn’t enough.

Hiring managers will ascertain that your marketing team creates content that provides your target audience enormous value. Everything should be well-researched and accurate with specific keywords. The primary goal of creating such well-curated content is to generate organic traffic to your website, ensuring that potential customers stay on your page long enough to be interested in your products and services.

Managers Develop Creative and Interactive Marketing Techniques

As mentioned before, there are endless marketing techniques that can be well utilized by your team. For instance, content marketing doesn’t involve text only. Text content creation is easy, and your marketing team can develop exceptional articles and blog posts. However, professional managers bring diverse approach towards content creation.

Sound content creation strategy should include the following;

  • Videos and tutorials
  • Infographics and animations
  • Podcasts and live streams
  • White papers and relevant research papers

Besides content marketing, managers can bring other creative and interactive marketing techniques aboard. Among them include email marketing, blogging, offline activation, online surveys, and giveaways. All these can bring some magical turnover to your marketing results.

Managers Deliver your Brand Socially

Social media platforms are becoming essential for both small and big businesses to reach out, connect and market to target audience. This makes it easy to engage with the audience, establish personal relationships, listen to customer concerns and provide prompt resolutions. All these keep your customers and prospects interested.

Nonetheless, if social media marketing isn’t handled properly, it can bring disastrous effects to your brand. The best way to handle social media marketing is by having a manager oversee your marketing team efforts. Experienced professionals definitely understand how all platforms work and the unique strategies to succeed in all platforms. Professional managers bring in place sophisticated social media management tools that make it easy to track all marketing activities.

They Develop Your Brand and Website Concepts

Your marketing campaign will definitely fail if your business doesn’t have a well-designed website. Note that your website is the foundation and an anchor for your marketing campaigns. It should provide your customers with good experience, regardless of the platform they use to approach it.

With a manager in place, you can be sure that your company website is easy to navigate, aesthetic, informative, SEO friendly and mobile friendly. Just to mention, an experienced website developer should check on the following factors when creating the platform.

  • Firstly, your company target audience and preferences
  • Secondly, the type of products and services offered
  • Then, the competitors present in your sphere
  • Next, the location of your company
  • Lastly, the company’s ethics, goals, and objectives

Saves Your Time and Money

Well, some people may argue that hiring a manager to help run your marketing team is an extra cost. However, this may not be fully correct. As for small business owners, they might have several responsibilities that getting time to check on their marketing team can be daunting. For sure, running a marketing team is an additional burden, which is why hiring managers can be a prudent course of action.


It is vivid that companies that grow quickly invest heavily in marketing. Perhaps the best way to ensure complete success is by hiring a manager to oversee all your marketing team efforts. As mentioned, your marketing team ought to be comprised of several people with different skills set. With every member of the team concentrating on getting the best of his/her skills, it is imperative to have an expert who oversees the entire team.

Well, that said, should you hire managers to help run your marketing team? Absolutely yes. As outlined above, managers bring forth a lot of expertise and professionalism to your marketing strategy. They also bring an outside perspective to your marketing team.

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