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Six Reasons to Why You Should Pursue MBBS in China

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China is a popular destination for foreigners who want to study under the MBBS program. China can boast that it occupies almost 30 positions in the ranking of 100 leading medical universities. Presently, specialists from China medical universities work in leading clinics around the world. Moreover, MBBS in China is the preferred choice for India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka students due to the high subsidies of the Ministry of Health and Education of China.

Similarly, China has 57 medical universities. The ratio of students and teachers is 7: 1 in all china medical universities.

All universities are recognized by WHO. Similarly, there are medical boards of leading countries such as the USA, England, and India among others, in China.

Moreover, medical examinations in China are very accessible to the average student. This is because any student from any country in the world can directly enter MBBS without entrance examinations. Furthermore, MBBS tuition fees in China are very low, as the China government provides education scholarship.

Also, a student who has received an MBBS degree in China can work anywhere in the world, including India.

Studies show that more and more students find higher education in China. Every day, students who want to pursue MBBS abroad get more and more opportunities. Consequently, below we give six reasons why students should Study MBBS in China

1. The Price of Training

One of the main and most attractive reasons why students choose China to study MBBS and inexpensive education. Fee starts from 4, 22,000lakh per year, many Chinese universities offer discounts and scholarships.

2. Learn Trending Technique

China is already the fourth most popular place to travel. It ranks third in the number of foreign students, after the US and the UK.

Now, the demographic situation is much more diverse. There are 10 different countries, each of which represents more than 3 percent of the international student population

Meet Grace Rendon from Mexico study for five years in Shanghai and in Beijing. She says: “I have gained invaluable experience. I meet many people from all over the world, in particular from India and South America. Also, I had the opportunity to join the Chinese culture and get to know the people of China. None of them spoke English, and this helped me to immerse myself in the Chinese environment as much as possible.” MBBS In China is a great opportunity for those who want to go beyond comfort and try something new.

3. A Huge Number of Opportunities

Over the past decade, foreign visitors and students have chosen China for study and traveling through a wider range of cities. In 2006, almost 50 percent of Indian students opted MBBS in China. 13 cities across China have the strength of more than 10,000 international students. Similarly, 7 cities have more than that of 20,000 students.

4. Chinese Universities Strengthen Their Reputation

If you intend to get a job or continue your postgraduate studies, the reputation of your university is important for your future prospects.

Chinese universities are increasingly respected the number of universities included in major world rankings has increased significantly over the past five years.

The Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings in 2011 included six Chinese universities, while in 2015-2016 their number increased to 37, which is more than in Canada or Australia.

5. The Government Significantly Invests in Attracting International Students

Financial support is an important factor in deciding to study abroad, and the Chinese government offers a wide range of financial opportunities to attract foreign students, including more than 40,000 scholarships in 277 institutions.

In 2016, 40% of all foreign students received financial assistance from the government. The number of scholarships has increased fivefold since 2006.

6. This is Promising for Your Career

The knowledge and experience of China are becoming increasingly valuable assets in many industries. Taking the fourth most popular place for international travel, amounting to 12 million business trips to China in 2015, the country’s importance increases in economic and cultural aspects.

The experience acquired in China and fluency in Chinese, which is the third most popular language in the world, can give you great career advancement.

“This Medical experience allows you to be an open person, ready to adapt and be flexible, which are essential qualities for each employer. Medical Studying in China gives an idea of how things are in this part of the world and helps you become more independent.”

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