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Skills required for an IOT Developer

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By now, you must have got an idea that the next major technological revolution will likely to take place in the Internet of Things, commonly known as IOT. This is a revolutionary technology, which is poised to transform the way we think, the way we live, and the way we perform the activities.  With the internet of things going mainstream, we’ve been steadily moving towards a fully connected world, as more connected devices begin to proliferate.

With the proliferation of internet of things, a rising demand for the right skills to manage and execute IOT projects will be observed soon. Aligning the skills and expertise of current IT professionals with IOT is becoming a challenge since the internet of things evolves with new capabilities every single day and constantly produces changing conditions.  If we look at the stats of VisionMobile, currently we have only 300,000 IOT developers contributing to the IoT but in the next 3 years, 4.5 million developers will be needed. From this, we can infer that there is a great scope and bright future in becoming an IOT developer. Here, in this blog post, we are going to discuss some must-have IoT job skills for an IoT developer.

#1 Business Intelligence  

You might be thinking why an IOT developer must be well versed with business intelligence. Right? Let us tell you why. With so many devices connected through the internet and exchanging tons of data every single minute, the true potential of “big data” will be realized. Business organizations often struggle to gather, store, and examine streams of data from smart devices for actionable intelligence – BI analyst with expertise in data center management, sensor data analysis, predictive analytics, and programming in the leading big data platforms such as NoSQL and Hadoop will be apt to meet these needs.

#2 Security and Data Analytics

With billions of devices connected through the Internet of Things, huge sets of data that need to be monitored and well protected. Skilled analysts, architects, and engineers will be needed to collect and process the data.

Expertise Needed: 

  • Programming on Hadoop and NoSQL
  • Data center management
  • Sensor data analysis
  • Predictive analytics
  • Strong business acumen

#3 UX/UI Design 

Devices in the Internet of things come in sundry shapes and sizes and UI and UX professionals will be needed to create intuitive interfaces, which are robust and user-friendly.

Expertise and Knowledge Required: 

  • Responsive Web Design (Graphics which fits perfectly to any screen size, platform, and alignment)
  • Service Design (Human-based approach, which guides a user through intricate items)

#4 Mobile Development

Today, mobile development industry is controlling 90% of the market and with most of the IOT devices running through smartphones; there is a great demand for developers. So, an IOT developer must have knowledge and expertise on mobile development to develop such apps that communicate with both sensors and external hardware.

To get well-versed all these skills, you can do IOT Training and Certification courses from a reputed academy, which provides IOT online training at competitive prices.

About The Author: Rahul Dharia is an experienced IOT developer having an in-depth knowledge of the internet of things, business intelligence and analytics, security and data analytics, information security, hardware interfacing, IP networking and many other domains. You can learn more about IOT at

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