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Smart IAS Exam Preparation Tips for Beginners

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smart ias preparation

Alright! It is easy to decide about appearing in the UPSC exam. But, the major problem lies in the preparation period. And, this isn’t as simple as you think. In the initial months, you mostly spend time in understanding the syllabus. This is the story of every serious IAS aspirant. Your final success depends on the tips and strategy you adopt. This blog post will guide you through the preparation process for beginners.

Carefully Read The Syllabus

Do not ignore understanding the UPSC syllabus properly. Learn what the exact requirement is and then study accordingly. You need not be scientists to clear IAS exam. Just prepare as per the exam expectations.

Strictly follow the syllabus! Each subject has a different set of requirements. Knowing the syllabus helps you to pick the right information. Otherwise, you will end up in confusion keeping huge content in front of you.

Especially, current affairs are very extensive in nature. The best thing to do is integrate it with previous question papers. As a result, you will eliminate all the problems related to the syllabus.

Follow The Strict Study Plan

You are going to be a successful IAS officer. So, timing is the most crucial factor and it needs to be perfect. Scheme an effective strategy to study. Follow it consistently for the whole year. Do it yourself and not depend on coaching institutes.

In the first place, understand your ability. Optimize your study plan based on your capacity of intake. If needed, look into the inspiration talk of toppers. You can avail a profitable idea. Time management is of utmost importance, here, if you have to grab success.

Carefully Choose Study Resources

There are so much of study materials available in the market today. So, finding the perfect set of resources is very important. It should be reliable, comprehensive, and authentic. Then, preparation becomes an easy task.

How to do the selection? Skim through the suggested books. Later, select the one you feel comfortable. Do not make any kind of quick decisions. Never buy the books online without going through them at least once.

Always remember, there is no substitute for NCERT books. Start your UPSC exam preparation from this set of books. Later, move on to the next ones.

Always Refer Notes In The Last

When you start preparing for the first time, do not make any notes. Go through multiple books and then understand the important points. Finally, you can pick them up and combine into one single note.

Sometimes, you might get better information in the last referred books. This might lead you to wastage of time. You have to prepare the notes once again.

Once you are confident, dedicate maximum time in making notes. Because you cannot keep studying big books always. In the end, these notes will be extremely helpful. So, put all the important information in one book.

Make some space at the end of every topic for revision. Highlight the important points in a box for quick revision. If you are into IAS preparation, you must learn the art of composing good notes.

Cultivate The Habit Of Revision

Every simple topic contains deep information. So, you need multiple revisions for sure. Also, there are hundreds of such topics to study. You will need to repeat it in order to remember all the important facts.

Every day make a habit of revising the previous day’s notes. Later, start with the new topics. When you do revision regularly on a daily basis, it becomes very easy for you to face the exam. There is a little chance of forgetting any information.

In UPSC preparation, studying all the topics is not the only requirement. You must also be capable of retaining all the information studied to date. The consistent revision will make this possible!  Also, it is recommended to join the Best Coaching for IAS Exam Preparation in your area.

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