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Some common mistakes to avoid during SSC preparation

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Some common mistakes to avoid during SSC preparation

SSC exams are quite crucial and require both hard and smart work. You will find aspirants who have been preparing for years and have still not been able to crack the entrance. On the other hand, there are others who sail through it in just a couple of attempts. And why is that so? Well, it is because of some common mistakes that students commit while SSC preparation. Let’s see what these repeated blunders are:

Considering Multiple Resources

This is the most common tendency among SSC aspirants. They don’t stick to one resource, be it in terms of coaching or study material or mock tests, and peep into every other channel. This often hampers their preparation and leads to confusion. It is always better to stick to one resource and use it judiciously. The saying ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ fits in quite well here.

Last Minute Preparation

SSC exams need months of dedicated study and preparation. To actually be able to sail through the exam, you need to focus on all of the following –

  • Concept building
  • Application of different concepts
  • Short-cuts for solving certain questions
  • Revision
  • Practice tests

And all this is not just a matter of 10 days. So, don’t wait till the last minute. There is a lot to do. Start early and utilize your time properly.

Taking Too Many Tests in One Go

Different entrance exams and their different levels are often of varying nature. And their practice tests are also contrasting. Some are concept-based, some are practice-based, while others are analytical. And these require distinct approaches. However, a majority of SSC aspirants take all these tests at a time without realizing their contrasting nature. This blunder adds up to the stress and confusion and complicates the preparation.

Too Much Focus on Short-cuts

When it comes to increasing the speed for solving questions in SSC exams, students rely on short-cuts. But no short-cut works if you are not fully equipped with the fundamental concepts. all the smart tricks are based on the long methods only. And to catch them, you need to strengthen your fundamentals first.

Not Giving Due Prominence to Revision

Revision is one of the most crucial elements in SSC preparation. Even if you have joined the best SSC coaching or learned from the best teachers, you need to revise the concepts before you go in for the final exam. It is necessary to brush up the topics that you have studied and the tips and tricks you have practiced.

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