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SSC Results Out – Which Career to Pursue After 10th/SSC?

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Questions always arise in the minds of children as soon as they are done with their 10th SSC exam. That being- what next? What course do I take up? What is the best college for a particular course? Am I taking the right decision by opting for this particular course? And similarly, it goes on for making decisions on the fronts of their careers. It is one of the most crucial phases of life. It’s important for not only deciding on the next step but also ensuring that it successfully works out. This goes out to children who scored well and also to the students who may not score well. Hence, a sense of confusion does arise.

It’s very important for an individual to go to someone having a good knowledge to guide him/her in his/her life. Such a guide preferably and simultaneously needs to be a career counselor, clinical psychologist, teacher or mentor. If not, it is very easy for one to get influenced by unresearched opinions and trends. Consequently, that will mislead you and this is simply unaffordable considering that your career is the price. Hence, it is very important to get the right assistance. Little does everyone realize that there are other aspects to identify your career path and it not just grades.

Factors Affecting One’s Career Choices

There 3 primary forces that pressurize the student’s academic ‘choices’ without actually addressing the student’s potential:

● Parental Pressure/Expectations

It’s very normal to find parents trying to fulfill their ambitions by means of their children. They project their desires and ambitions on their children. Eventually, this leads them to make a decision that will lead to their parent’s satisfaction. Still, this usually doesn’t work out in the long run. This is as the child’s interest and personality can be different. Thus, the parents would be the best in order to support and motivate the child. But, they shouldn’t necessarily make the decisions for them.

● Peer Pressure

This would perhaps be the most easily recognized but still the most influential factors. Peer pressure often subtly expresses itself as the current area of interest of that child. Many a time, the student will opt for a stream or optional subject that their friends would be taking.

● Societal Pressure

Your neighbors, your relatives, the media around you, all have an opinion about you. They may openly express their thoughts about what you should be doing with your life. This is mostly based on current trends and unverified opinions- may be one or two success stories. It is very easy to just tell what needs to be done. It’s particularly more when they don’t know about the struggles, resources, personal capabilities and continuous hard work it takes. In fact, most of the successful personalities would speak about following their own passions and beliefs from an early age. They proclaim that this is what defines their achievements. If they would have been stuck in the rat race, they would not have become the king of their domains. Apart from giving into the aforementioned pressures, there are more aspects that misguide a career decision:

  • Selecting the right courses and the right colleges
  • Lack of self-awareness/ insight
  • Social disparity.

The above-mentioned aspects can be addressed by a knowledgeable person as mentioned earlier. There are cases where the child may do well but are confused about the course/ career and there are cases where the child may not score well which will leave them with limited options.

The Road to the Solution

Thus, the immediate focus after the results should always be knowing their aptitude and interest via career counseling by an expert- irrespective of what the board performance could be. If you do not get an idea about how to discover your abilities you can always walk into a counseling center, one being Brainwonders.

Here, there are different tests available like:

  1. Intelligence Quotient Tests
  2. Multiple Intelligence Tests
  3. Aptitude and Personality tests

These tests will help unravel your potential and abilities. With the increased scientific research, there has come about a new personality test which will help in analyzing your capabilities. Once the test is done it is followed by a counseling session by a senior counselor with the concerned person. The test available will not just help analyze your level of intelligence but also help map your career around your potentials. Brainwonders has around 105+ centers all over India so this makes it all the more easy for you to go to your nearest center. It has 3 international centers as well. They will help you explore new courses and help you suggest the different colleges you can even go to. This, they do on the basis of what your strengths, potentials, and interests are rather than focusing on grades.

Finally, and hence, very importantly, go to the nearest Brainwonders center for immediate guidance, as this is the most important transition phase for you!

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Maneesha Manhagaye

Jun 12, 2019

Excellent very useful for students

blog image

Shagufta Mijaz

Jun 12, 2019

Brain Wonders provides Best Career Counseling with scientifically tested methods to understand student Innate Abilities Multiple Intelligence which is very helpful for selection of best suitable career path. Sometimes you surprise to know about your Innate potential and abilities.

blog image

Rumana Simmi

Jun 12, 2019

Brainwonders and its DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Tests) is very helpful for student's as well as for parents too, to choose a right career for him or her that go life long and give satisfaction. As DMIT analyze and describes your personality traits, your strengths, your weakness and your inner potential as well and thus helps you to better understand yourselves. herein all the confusions of parents related to their wards, and also the social and mental pressure of a student's removed and the counselling and recommendations after DMIT test great helps you to go ahead in a career that is perfect for you.

blog image

Pragyan paramita behera

Jun 12, 2019

Brainwonders helps the students to clear and confirm about their career which one is the potential ability of the students.It guide students in proper way and student will be really benefited from the organization.

blog image

Mansha upadhyay

Jun 12, 2019

It's very useful for student's, teacher and parents.

blog image


Jun 12, 2019

Very beautiful concept for students and parents

blog image


Jun 12, 2019

The counselling session are very beneficial.We get to know variety of fields, A correct guidance at this point of career give apt direction and shapes the desired career.

blog image

Khushboo Khan

Jun 12, 2019

Well summarised! No matter how innocent the peer pressure or parental pressure or societal pressure may seem, it is very much prevalent and affects our children's ability to make an informed decision about his/her career.

blog image

Arushika Srivastava

Jun 12, 2019

Need of hour

blog image


Jun 12, 2019

Best will help alot

blog image

Sri lalita

Jun 12, 2019

Definitely it will help to choose their career path by knowing their potential

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